Endoscopic Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty in Istanbul Turkey is done by various surgeons, however, it is important to get the expertise from a well-versed plastic surgeon to get the desired result. A well-structured nose can enhance the beauty of the person through aesthetical proportions. It can deepen the gaze and complete the fullness of your face like a puzzle. Rhinoplasty is the operation to restructure your nose through three-dimensional sculpting and scientific calculations and it can be used to gain the aesthetic nose that is uniquely structured for each patient through golden ratio. After the procedure is done, when you look at the mirror, your beautiful nose will make your face look fuller and more in harmony – both to you and all the other people that will see you.

Dr. Yakup Avşar is a surgeon doing plastic surgery in Istanbul Turkey with the help of AVSARM – a device that he has created with two components, a video-endoscopic arm, and a carrying apparatus. In addition to AVSARM, Dr.Avşar has also utilized three-dimensional masking and micro-cutting to delicately work on the area to create the perfect result for his surgeons.

Rhinoplasty With AVSARM

Before getting the procedure Dr.Avsar shows the result that he is planning to do with three-dimensional masking, a technique that he is uniquely using in his field. With three dimensional maskings, you can see the nose that you want and desire before going under. The duration of the process is around 1.5 hours to 3 hours and you can return your normal life in a week. In 2 months, it will be as in that you had no procedure for your nose at all.

Where is the video endoscopic rhinoplasty surgery done?

Video Endoscopic Micro Rhinoplasty Dr. Avşar in Istanbul Turkey

Plastic surgery in Istanbul Turkey is very qualified in the world. In daily life, people may have nose problems either nose shape problems or breathing problems. Those problems are being solved by the micro-septorhinoplasty surgery technique, which is Dr. Yakup Avşar’s method, which has become a global brand introducing a modern way in the field of nose surgeries in Istanbul. Dr. Avşar has achieved to discover an endoscopic arm with the name AVSARM, in addition to micro-cutting and micro-shaping tools and 3D mask techniques.

Rhinoplasty is a term that is used to describe any surgery that changes the outside appearance of the nose. Sometimes that could be for cosmetic reasons such as taking a bump down on the top of the nose or making the tip of the nose get rotated up but it could also be done for reconstructive reasons for people who had previous cancer or trauma where the bridge of the nose has fallen such as in case of saddle nose deformity which is a case where essentially the bridge of the nose has completely collapsed. Rhinoplasty increases not only as a significant instrument in the pursuit of beauty but also as an essential method to offer a healthier breathing quality when using nasal aesthetics to treat such injuries.Rhinoplasty in Istanbul Turkey is becoming worldwide for the people who want to solve their nose issues.

Having the poor cosmetic shape of the nose is solved by rhinoplasty and breathing hardly by nose issues is handled by a septoplasty. The technique that is called  “septorhinoplasty” is the combined solution for those who have cosmetic nose shape problems and inefficiency of the breathing by the nose. Rhinoplasty in Istanbul Turkey by Dr. Yakup Avsar is a great solution for those who have the problems mentioned above.

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