2 Top Movies You May Not Have Heard About If You Are Below 30!

Ok, so the best movies of all time can be a much-debated subject especially since movies such as Avengers, Avatar, and Titanic are the biggest sellers when it comes to blockbusters!

However, there are some amazing films out there that many of the younger generation may not have watched or heard about that should be given the time of day. No doubt after a long lockdown due to COVID-19, you have watched pretty much every movie on Netflix, but there are tons out there not on Netflix that deserver your attention.

1.     Shawshank Redemption (1994)

This is arguably the best movie every produced and people still say this is their all-time favourite and it was written by none other than Frank Darabont and Stephen King!

It is a slow-paced movie, but it brings to light issues of a flawed justice system back in the 1940s that usually saw ethnic minorities treated harshly. However, in this case it is the story of a Caucasian hot shot banker that finds himself on the wrong end of justice.

Andy Dufresne is wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife in a jealous rage and receives 2 consecutive life sentences. Without spoiling the story, the plot covers the struggles of being locked up as well as how to deal with a corrupt prison system. How friends and enemies are made – why you should not drop soap in the shower and how people can become institutionalised after spending so long in prison.

2.     A Time to Kill (1989)

This is one of Samuel Lee Jackson’s earlier movies written by John Grisham who brings to life the struggles of African Americans in the Southern state of Mississippi during the 1980s.

If you like stories that really pull your heart strings, then this is it. And if you are one that likes to fight for the underdog, then you will be routing for Carl (Samuel Lee Jackson) in this epic movie plot. This movie is set in the days when the Klan was still active. Carl’s 10-year-old daughter is sexually abused and he kills both the perpetrators after they are arrested.

The story then turns into a legal battle with Jake Brigance, Harry Rex Vonner, and Lucien Wilbanks all trying to get Carl acquitted by proving that sometimes there is a ‘Time to Kill’. Once again, we are not going to ruin the story for you but is 100% a film you should watch.

Where to Watch These Films

If you cannot find these movies via traditional channels such as Netflix or HBO, then you use a torrent download by following the instructions at https://internetprivatsphare.ch. Or you can check out numerous streaming sites by typing in ‘[movie name] free streaming’ for a number of options. However, you may need a VPN to stream some of the movie sites as they may not be approved in your country.

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