Yung Anoma1y Brings His Recording Label To Independent And Emerging Artists

Yung Anoma1y has always been creative. From his start growing up in the Bronx River Projects, he was always playing an instrument, drawing, or writing poetry.  After establishing a strong writing foundation and having his poetry published, he moved on to his Bachelor of Science degree and his Master’s degree – before taking a leap of faith halfway through completing. 

“In the summer of 2019 I wrote and recorded my first song, “Yung Anoma1y- I Pray”. This was my introduction into the music industry. From there on out I began to perfect my craft and grow a team around me,” Yung Anoma1y recalls. 

Now Yung Anoma1y is an established national recording artist and the Founder and C.E.O. of B.E.G. The Label, a record label and artist development company. The motto of the label is, “ Where Creativity Prospers”, and the mission is to provide industry level support to emerging artists to help them achieve the results they desire. Yung Anoma1y works to provide his services in bundle packages which allow for artists to get support without commitment to a contract.

Yung Anoma1y’s own music is hip-hop/rap, and has been called the new generation of music. 

“My music has meaningful lyrics that are representative of different things I faced in life. There is a melodic aspect to my compositions that help piece together a song. While listening to my songs you will be able to bop your head while retrieving a message. Listeners have told me they can relate to the lyrics. The cause behind my music was simply not being able to sleep at night,” Yung Anoma1y says. 

Jumping into the recording industry came from Yung Anoma1y’s first-hand experience of how difficult it is to get started in the music business. 

“As a national recording artist without a major label backing It takes time, effort, and dedication to navigate such a highly saturated industry. When I decided I wanted to grow to become a top hip-hop/rap artist, I went full steam ahead. While on this journey I started to realize how complex it is. After analyzing all factors that were included I realized why people quit. I then asked my team if they thought we could do what we were doing for me for other independent artists. This sparked the formation and growth of B.E.G The Label record label and artist development company,” Yung Anoma1y says. 

Although he had the experience and insight, Yung Anoma1y admits the road to success was not always easy. He always has needed to overcome obstacles, especially in terms of navigating logistics of operations and building a strong team around him. 

“There are aspects that fall beyond the operations of music. The legal and administration portion is very important to being successful and scaling to size, and you must be willing to learn ongoingly. Another challenge in business is putting together a strong team that will help fulfill your mission. Whether it’s in-house work or outsourcing, it is key to have the right individuals in your corner,” Yung Anoma1y explains. 

Yung Anoma1y also struggled with feeling like he was the underdog in the industry. This made him need to fight for his spot to be there, and to prove that he was capable and talented. 

“Due to being observative and soft-spoken, it led individuals to believe I was unable and inattentive. Over time I started speaking up more and sharing my input which displayed my abilities. I overcame being underestimated by overachieving when it came time to generate results. My philosophy is that my work will speak for itself,” Yung Anoma1y outlines.

Beyond needing to overcome challenges, Yung Anoma1y also says the right mindset is the key to starting your own business, especially in a competitive environment such as the music industry. 

“Having a strong mindset when starting your own business is very important because it allows you to overcome obstacles that may surface. You must constantly remind yourself why you are doing what you’re doing. You must take on the mindset that it is bigger than you. This allows you to be selfless in all that you do,” Yung Anoma1y says. 

Yung Anoma1y has two new singles set to release this year, and is currently booking performances for 2021. 
Stay up to date with Yung Anoma1y on his Instagram page.

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