Tim Cheung: The Bay Area Food Blogger You Must Follow

Where do you get your food recommendations from? Whose social media do you follow to find out about the newest food hypes? Who has the right insight? Your first answer to those questions should be food bloggers. One of the biggest advantages of social media is it provides us with some of the greatest reviews to know where to eat next. The second answer to those questions should have been Bay Area food blogger Tim Cheung and his Instagram account.

With over 128K followers, this foodie who is crazy for all the newest food hypes takes his followers on tasty journeys through photos and videos. One look at his account will recommend you delicious, high-quality spots to enjoy in the Bay Area. Do you enjoy Chinese food? Do you want to try the most delicious noodles? Are you in the mood for tacos? What about something sweet? Tim Cheung will help you decide where to go.

Five years ago, Cheung began his food blogging journey as a hobby. He was simply following his food passion and photographing it with his phone’s camera. What happened next was completely unexpected! A community of food bloggers started thanking him for the inspiration to grow their own social media accounts. Rapidly, his followers count increased and more people became interested in his work and his opinion.

Tim used this to his advantage, but not a personal one. He used his following to bring attention to those hidden gems in the Bay Area that people did not know about. He started promoting minority-owned and mom and pop restaurants to get them the recognition they deserved. One of his main goals has always been to motivate people to try different ethnic foods they would have otherwise not dared to taste.

Are you curious to see where this Bay Area foodie takes you to? You would have crispy carne asada tacos with salsa verde at La Taqueria in San Francisco. Later that night, you could enjoy spicy authentic Japanese ramen from Ramen Nagi in San Jose. To end your day with a matcha crepe cake from U: Dessert Story in San Francisco. Outside the Bay Area, he would have you enjoy a spicy Nashville hot fried chicken sandwich from Howlin’ Rays in Los Angeles, a large slice of cheese pizza from Joe’s Pizza, and a lava cake from Spot Dessert Bar in New York City.

Anyone can take pictures of their food, but not everyone does it with the passion Cheung brings to his work. Behind every post are hours of research to find the newest trends and decide what topics to focus on, and of editing to create eye-catching content with appealing and entertaining captions. As a professional food photographer, he is able to combine professionalism and passion to stick to a consistent posting schedule and deliver aesthetically pleasing photos and videos to his followers.

If you are looking for someone to give you food recommendations, Tim Cheung is the food blogger you must follow. He will introduce you to the tasty new trends while encouraging you to try ethnic foods and support small businesses. What are you waiting for? Join his 128K followers.

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