The best pest control products for every home

Are you tired of pests wreaking havoc at your home? So do we. It can be challenging to eliminate all the pests in your home, especially when they are as stubborn as fleas and or as adaptive as roaches. You need all the help you can get. Whether you want to use products with 100% organic materials, or you want spray repellents, or merely the best ultrasonic pest rejects reviews, we have them. Here are the best pest control products for every home;


Baits are one of the smart ways to deal with pests at home. The main idea here is to attract insects from their hiding places and kill them with poisonous gels. The gels are made with a combination of attractive food matrix with active ingredients of insecticides. Most baits vary in composition with most targeting different insects. For the anti-social insects such as roaches, it is not necessary to have baits that target different segments of the population. Though this is desirable, it is not essential. However, for social insects such as ants and terminates, the bait needs to kill both adults and their breeds.

Here are other reasons you need this for your home;

  • Well designed to protect you from coming into contact with harmful products
  • Ideal for both indoors and outdoors
  • Perfect for hard-to-reach places
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • An effective killer and can wipe out insects in their entirety

Bug Sprays

Bug sprays are essential in dealing with bugs. If used correctly, bug spray can effectively eliminate pests in your home. Choosing the right bug spray is as important as applying it. When it comes to application, you must be strategical as a mismatch may delay the expected results.

Typically, there are two forms of sprays; the body sprays and the general sprays. With the body sprays, you must be careful when choosing them as they are applied close to the body. There are body sprays which can cause unwanted reactions, so be sure to read the user manual. Additionally, go for sprays made with natural ingredients and with a neutral odour.

When it comes to the general spray, be sure to apply them on all suspect areas. This increases your chances of success.

Below are the other great reasons why you should have bug sprays;

  • Kills a wide range of pests and bugs
  • It can be used directly and will not affect you or your pets
  • Safe to use around the sensitive areas in the house such as the kitchen
  • It is a fast killer and will do away with bugs as quickly as they come into contact

Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

It must be noted that ultrasonic repellers, even the best ultrasonic repellers, don’t kill pests. All they do is drive them out of their hiding places and out of your home. The Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is useful in creating unbearable conditions for pests that drive them insane. The electromagnetic wavelengths produced are too low for humans and animals.

When picking the ultrasonic pest repellers, go with those with low energy consumption. If they are battery powered, the battery should be able to last you throughout the day. The ideal type of gadget should also have more than one wavelength to beat the adaptive creatures.  Here are the other specs of the electronic device;

  • Produces electromagnetic wavelengths that bugs find irritating
  • It is eco-friendly and will not hurt your pets or other animals
  • The wavelengths are too low for humans to pick up thus safe to use at home       
  • Easy to use

Electronic Traps

It is important to note that there is a different kind of traps. Here we are focusing on the electric traps. The gadgets are made with fluorescent lamps and UV lights, which attracts the insects and kills them with powerful electric shocks of more than 2500V. Electric traps are effective in creating barriers around yourself or house.

They can be lightweight and very portable, which makes them ideal for travelling. Unlike the ultrasonic repellents, the electric traps are effective in attracting and killing insects. The electric traps are suitable for those people who don’t like the use of chemicals when eradicating pests.

Here are other facts about the product;

  • Very portable and are perfect for backyards, camping, picnics and garden parties
  • Effective in killing all types of flying bugs as they attract and kill them fast.
  • It is ideal for indoors and outdoors and has waterproof and fireproof features
  • Comes with a safety mesh that protects your pets and children
  • Easy to clean

Factors to consider when buying pest repellents

When buying insect repellents for every home, you should consider a few factors. For starters, you must decide whether you want chemical repellents or non-chemical repellents. The chemical repellents should contain ingredients that are approved by the authorities. If you wish to go with natural ingredients, choose any that has a DEET of 20-30 % to increase your chances of success.

The type of bugs you are targeting is also vital as some repellents are better at eliminating a specific variety of insects. Price is important and so is protecting your loved ones, including pets, from the chemicals. Above all, removing pests in your home is not a one-off event, and it requires a constant application. Some bugs are stubborn and have developed a coping mechanism against certain repellents.

Parting Shot

Kick out pests in your home needs the use of the best pest repellers in the market. Using the best pest control products, you can deal with any bug in your home. To eliminate the chances of getting scammed, be sure to buy the products from Amazon or trusted partners. You can also seek the services of professionals who have the technical know-how about bugs. With the help of experts, you can completely get rid of pests at home and breathe a sigh of release.

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