“One Love Fits All” from singer Dawn Rix

A flashy guitar and a rhythmic base that lovingly moves the message along, the new country song “One Love Fits All” from singer Dawn Rix is worth revisiting, time and again. A concise sound and Rix’s gentle, touching vocals, “One Love Fits All” prompts the listener, especially when school is back in session, that kids today have it different than it used to be. It doesn’t have to be this way, the song begs. There is room enough for us all and even the smallest encouragement can be felt in a very big way.

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“One Love Fits All” is Rix’s second single this year. It follows “Don’t Let The Makeup Fool You”. The two tracks couldn’t be different in themes if they tried. Rix, the consummate professional (and military veteran by the way), is cheeky in “Don’t Let The Makeup Fool You” but in “One Love Fits All” she’s more refined. This song is wholesome and wholeheartedly on message.

The only indulgence in “One Love Fits All” is the split-second opening brass percussion. Otherwise, the song is a solid Christian country toned track. The electric guitar riffs are melodious, matching the same and tempo as Rix’s gregarious vocals. When she sings the chorus, how many have to fall before we make this world where one love fits all, she plays to the listener’s heart. I imaged a collage of humanity’s faults, a montage of social media bullying and adults acting like spoiled children. How can we possibly expect our kids to act like kids – with no worries (Rix even sings remember when all kids had to worry about was growing up), if the lessons we teach them is to be cruel, make fun of and criticize? Rix isn’t pandering and I don’t think she’s patronizing, either. She’s singing from her heart. Rix, who founded an Autism awareness organization called The Missing Piece, places emphasis the chorus. She sings with emotion on the verses, but it’s the chorus that had me most excited. I just felt like she these words connected with the most. I think there are a lot of parents (and kids) out in the world that need to hear a song like this. It’s times like these that we need to be closer, not drift further apart. “One Love Fits All” has lots of room for everyone.

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So, here I am critiquing, the antithesis to the theme of “One Love Fits All”, so I want to show balance. I wanted a little more out of Rix’s voice in each stanza, but she’s still extremely talented. I cannot take that away from her. But, this is a review, and as a reader, you would expect fairness. I conquer. I also believe this song is on its way to opening many doors for Rix. She’s already proven she can sing, we know this. After listening to her two singles, I think she can find success with several genres (pop, Americana, country, Christian and so on), and I’m astonished at the beauty of “One Love Fits All”. It’s a remarkable song because of Rix.

by Bethany Page

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