The use of stylish reusable face masks with matching outfits is one trend that has inevitably dominated 2020 fashion especially amongst celebrities but this has not always been so.

Towards the beginning of the year, the arrival of covid-19 pandemic threatened the fashion industry ─ most people preferred to stay home; they were more concerned about avoiding contact with the virus than they were about their fashion sense.

Precautionary measures trickled in gradually; from hand washing to the use of hand sanitizers and then the compulsory use of facemasks in public places! Their success in preventing covid-19 was massive. Hence the fashion industry that had hitherto suffered a decline quickly bounced back with full force.

Making a fashion statement with the ninja mystery look was the trend everyone embraced. The fashion trend in 2020 is matching outfits with the right facemasks. Talk of making lemonades with the lemons life throws at you!

For the past seven months, we’ve seen different shades of colors, textures and styles of facemasks. So far, it’s been breathtaking.

Although reusable face masks are as effective as medical masks to prevent the spread of the virus, it is advisable to choose face masks made from breathable materials like cotton to ensure the free flow of air. Here are some inspiring and breathtaking celebrity facemask fashion trends available on any affordable online store.


Matching the color of outfits with a designer mask is one trend that has gone viral especially amongst celebrities; this is because the color of the facemask contributes to the overall look either positively or negatively. Some celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski, Cindy Crawford and Nansi Pelosi are doing a great job in pulling off a chic look with their face masks.

Emily Ratajkowski (Black blends with any color)

           Ratajkowski takes a summer walk. Image Source: Getty Images

American model, Emily Ratajkwoski hits the streets on a summer afternoon with a black tank top and natural-coloured mini skirt. She completes her summer look with a black designer face mask which mirrors the black color of her blouse.

The black-coloured facemask is versatile as it can blend effortlessly with any color of outfit. However, research has shown that black is known to absorb heat; making one uncomfortable if they stay too long under the summer sun. The best way to use a black face mask is to opt for breathable and impermeable materials like cotton.

Cindy Crawford (Multi-colored facemask)

Image source: Cindy Crawford, Instagram

The American model is certainly not one to lower her fashion taste because of the fear of covid-19. On her Instagram page, Crawford declares, “Social distancing, but make it fashion, thank you”.

Her multi-colored face mask appears to be in the same material as her top. The best way to pair any outfit with a multi-colored face mask is by choosing any color on the face mask. Black or white-colored outfits works with any color of face mask; whether multi-colored or not.

Nancy Pelosi (Pink Colored Face mask)

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker, USA House of Rep. Image Source:

Image source: Hilary Clinton, Instagram

We admire Nancy Pelosi’s sense of fashion as she rocks her Donald Lewis pink colored face mask paired with a pale pantsuit.

The combination was so classy that Hilary Clinton couldn’t help but gush in admiration while sharing a picture of Pelosi on her Instagram page. “Leader of the House majority, and mask-to-pantsuit color coordination: @speakerpelosi,” She said.

Depending on the shade of pink, the pink-coloured face mask works best with the following colors of outfits: blue, black (best paired with old rose), orange, green, white, dark brown (best paired with dusty pink), and yellow (hot pink).


The use of decorative face mask is not a new trend; designers have in the past incorporated it in their collections and models exhibited them in runways.

But the novel covid-19 virus made this trend viral; used by people who wish to express their style in a unique, dramatic and sometimes, hilarious way. It’s also for those that want to showcase art creatively.

Here are samples of reusable face masks personalized to suit the style of different people.

A guest at the Paris Fashion Week, France. Image source: Getty Images

A set of white flowers across a black face mask paired with a pink outfit is not just feminine but also stylish.

Miley Cyrus, American songwriter and actress who was described by Glamour Magazine as a “fashion chameleon” is not backing out of fashion due to covid-19.

She uploaded a picture of herself donning a tongue-out decorative face mask on her Instagram page and advises, “Category is: wear a face mask for the safety of yourself and others…. but make it fashion!”

Image source: dhgate

The Jewelry branded face mask is another chick style that reflects light and therefore draws attention to the face. It’s great for people who love the attention that goes with wearing a piece of jewelry.

Need more spectacular face mask design ideas? Check dhgate to inspire your choice. Regardless of your style choice, it’s important to note that safety comes first before fashion.


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