TRON Blockchain: The Next Music & Movie Download Service

The TRON blockchain is an operating system based on disruptive tech and the owner of the much-debated BitTorrent music and movie streaming site.

TRON has its fingers in multiple operations with one foot already in the door in the torrents industry. The idea is to bring torrents into a legal space where royalties make their way to the production companies that deserve to be paid for their work as opposed to having their music or movies pirated.

At the same time, TRON wants to make sure that people using torrents will be persuaded to part with a small, probably yearly fee, that would still give them access to the plethora of torrent content they insist on downloading.

Right now, the way TRON allows its users access to torrent downloads and streaming is via its free to download torrent software. From here there is a paid VPN that is extremely cheap and set up especially for torrenting activities.

The idea right now is that TRON brings these VPN subscriptions in line with the competition such as Netflix but of course people have unlimited access to a much larger catalogue of demand movies, plus music, books, software, and code. With a large number of subscribers, TRON will be able to strike deals with the same companies as Netflix.

Of course, the competition with Netflix will be tough because Netflix has its own production company making series and movies while TRON may decide to move into production.

That said, with the way the TRON ecosystem is set up, there are already music and movie development companies using the platform so one would assume that making deals of this nature will be easier since TRON is already in direct contact.

Another concept on the TRON blockchain network that will be popular is that artists can be paid in TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency for their work. That means people that submit music will be able to own the digital rights to their music and anyone that downloads it will effectively be contributing TRX (the TRON digital currency), to the owner of the music.

This same concept will be used for large production companies that use the TRON blockchain ecosystem. The artists, record company, and investors can all own a percentage of the music using TRON’s network to confirm who owns what – for example, a Bitcoin is split into segments so people can buy $100 worth of a BTC or they can own an entire BTC.

Each TRON will be the same. It can be split so the percentage of royalties and ownership is confirmed on the TRON blockchain.

Right now the music and movies industries are not easy to penetrate. They are both super competitive offline and online at every level of the business. That means TRON needs to find something special to break into this industry!

Current Unique Selling Points for TRON Torrents Music & Movies

  • On-demand streaming
  • Blockchain technology’s faster performance
  • Much larger catalogue of movies Vs Netflix
  • More entertainment verticals Vs other sites


  • Affordable subscriptions

Which Barriers Will TRON Need to Break Down?

There are several barriers that TRON will need break down, but from the list above, it is already obvious that TRON has a unique set of selling points that should not only make its platform stand-out but also deliver the optimal performance that its competitors Netflix and HBO offer.

It is not only movie companies that TRON is pitching a battle for market share against. As the form plans to get its fingers into multiple pies, there will be competitors in the music industry, software business, eComm stores.

Music Competitors

there are also plenty of music sites out there that TRON will be competing with. The Google Play Store and Apple Stores are two further competitors but this time in the music sector. Then there are sites such as SoundCloud and Spotify to consider on top of this.

Blockchain Ecosystem Competitors

There are plenty of blockchain ecosystems being designed to tackle the issues of ownership of assets. This could be a digital asset or a physical asset in which ownership is determined by a smart contract kept inside a blockchain ecosystem.

The transfer of assets using these systems is amazingly easy because a smart contract can be set up and the asset is essentially inside this contract. Once the conditions of the smart contract are met, for example, payment is placed inside it alongside the asset, then the smart contract will fulfil the order.

On top of this, the idea of royalties being shared, and artists being paid for their work is now in competition with the Brave internet browser which is already on the front lines of web browsing.

The Basic Attention Token is a rising phenomenon. People are being paid for their content online via a top system that means anyone using the Brave web browser can earn BAT. It is still a new concept and not many were sure whether it would work, but it has because BAT is now worth $0.40 per token and has a market capitalisation of $622 million – closing in on the $1 million mark.


TRX is a popular crypto and is one of the top 20 cryptos with the highest market capitalisation currently. At the time of this writing, TRON was in 15th place with a market cap of $1.77 billion. It is a tough business becoming a firm that holds valuable crypto!

TRON began as an ECR-20 token before breaking free onto the custom-built TRON blockchain ecosystem. it is one of the very few ICOs to do this and this is why so many crypto fanatics feel that their investments with TRON are safe because this is a team of tech experts that knows what they are doing!

However, there are plenty of competitors out there that will start to accept crypto payments for their music and movies services, and these will challenge TRON’s ability to bring people onto their blockchain-based torrent network.

When Will TRON Start to Become a Household Brand Name?

This is the 1-million-dollar question. The concept and aims of TRON are clear. It also has a unique offering on a fast-eco-system that is built for the future. However, despite its attractive and unique selling points, TRON still has a lot of competition to overcome as the firm is pushing for market share in several entertainment niche areas.

At a guess, TRON will start to push its way into the entertainment market as a legal distributor of music and movies within the next half a decade. There are still many challenges to overcome but from the research, we have just currently undertaken, TRON will mount a viable and successful challenge versus the likes of Netflix, Spotify, Google, and Apple!

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