Surprising Methods Used To Discover Music Stars

Even though there are tons of music sites, social media, and video sharing sites online to help music producers discover new raw talent, some stars were spotted just going about their everyday business.

Ed Sheeran is probably the most surprising of them all, but when you look at his loveable rustic appearance, it almost makes perfect sense.

He began his career on the streets busking for cash. When he could, he would find any open mic event in LA and put himself out there. Considering LA is known as a place where instead of bands being paid to play, they usually pay the venues to play. More shockingly, they have to audition for the privilege of paying!

Luckily for Ed Sheeran, Jamie Foxx was happened to be at one of the open mic events. He took Ed under his wing allowing him to use his recording studio and crash on his couch and eventually Ed Sheeran became what he is today.

Another talent that took a similar path is Tracy Chapman. She joined the Boston street musicians. This was not exactly an attempt to become famous but just because she loves music as at the time she was studying at Tufts University.

During this time she was playing outside coffee shops, in subways, street corners, and pretty much anywhere she could sing to a public audience walking by or stopping to rock along to her talented music.

Her love for music didn’t go unnoticed, and Charles Koppelman’s son happened to be one of Tracy’s classmates who told his dad about a passionate female singer that was rocking the streets of Boston. With her excellent talent that we all know and love, it didn’t take long for Elektra Records to sign her and the rest, as they say, is history.

Perhaps the most bizarre way a musical talent has been discovered is by shouting at his neighbour and someone thinking – that guy would make a great singer. Well, that’s exactly what happened to Maynard James Keenan of Tool. A drummer heard the dispute and persuaded James to become a singer. He then rose to fame and made millions with Tool.

Then there is Toni Braxton. Her natural talent was scouted out when she was singing away at a gas station just enjoying her day. It just so happened that William Pettaway Jr was a stone throw away and couldn’t believe his ears. He’d been looking for that magic R&B voice all over the country and it just so happened that fait would bring him and Toni together.

Thanks to this chance encounter, she has become a multi-millionaire and a talent in the R&B industry for all to respect.

Last but not least, is the story of YouTube sensation Justin Bieber. His channel was so popular even before he had a record label that his fan base stretched to China where fans would risk China’s strict laws banning YouTube by using a VPN to connect to the star’s channel. From here, Bieber was able to negotiate his way to a meeting with Usher who was blown away by Biber’s talent and it turns out Usher made a good move because JB is worth million upon more millions!

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