Plastic Bin Versus Cardboard box: The most heated topic of debate for storing items

When it comes to storing items, most people get confused between the two options available- Plastic bins and traditional cardboard boxes. Which one is better, a cardboard box or a plastic bin has been the core topic of debates. When it comes to moving, you need a sturdy and dependable bin/ box to store a range of items from your household or office. But what gives your items more protection for storage and better user-friendliness is what needs to be understood. If feedback from the best national moving companies at is to be considered, a lot of things goes into deciding which of the two options is the best.

To help you make the best decision, we have come up with the guide that will offer you deep insight of the two options available for packing your items- Plastic Bin Versus Cardboard box

Advantages of using plastic bin 

  • Plastic bin wins in terms of durability. Plastic is thicker and of higher strength than that of a cardboard box. 
  • These are waterproof and not just that like airtight plastic bins that do not even allow air to pass within. There are special provisions to keep the air flow maintained in these bins. Therefore plastic bins are a great option to store items that can be damaged in the contact of air. 
  • Plastic bins can be reused for storing other items. Like if you use plastic bins to move your home belongings then after unpacking all the items, you can reuse these items. 
  • They look better than cardboard boxes. Although cardboard boxes have their unique appearance, when both the options are compared aesthetic appeal of plastic bins attracts people more.  
  • Bins are again a good choice when we consider safety. As these have more strength when compared to cardboard boxes. Therefore plastic bins can bear the harsh conditions of weather during transportation. And in case of flood also, your items are safer in a plastic bin than cardboard boxes. Considering your needs and weather forecast, considering plastic bins over cardboard boxes will be a wise decision. 
  • These are more user-friendly as you can store items for moving without using tape. 
  • Cardboard boxes can be easily infected with mold and not to mention rodents on the other hand plastic bins offer safety against such concern and hence are a preferable option to store items. 

Advantages of using cardboard boxes 

  • If you are on a budget and you do not have much money to spend on packing supplies then cardboard boxes are a better option than plastic bins. Not only cardboard boxes are a cheaper option but you can easily get them free of cost from a nearby grocery or departmental store. You don’t have to even spend a single penny in buying these boxes. 
  • They are easier to find. You can easily get these from any nearby retailer. For some shopkeepers, these boxes are just a waste, you can easily get them from them for free. 
  • They require less space because they are thinner than that of the plastic bins. These are also collapsible so when you are not in need then you can collapse them and keep them in a smaller space. When you need to use these, simply unfold from sides, top, and bottom and you can easily use these to store items. 
  • Cardboard boxes are available in several sizes and almost everywhere. So you have a lot of options to choose the right size according to your preferences. 
  • You can’t keep perishable items in plastic bins because they do not allow air to pass in therefore the items would damage soon. 

When you should use cardboard boxes?

For temporary storage of items, cardboard boxes are ideal. Besides when you have to pack a lot of home belongings during a move and you are limited in budget, then cardboard boxes come as a big savior. Besides, if your goal is to pack and unpack items for a short time then cardboard boxes are a good option rather than spending huge money on plastic bins. 

 When you should use plastic bins?

When you require strength and durability then plastic bins are a preferable option. If there is a potential risk of water leakage then again bins are a good option. If you want to store items inside your home anywhere like in the bathroom, living room then plastic bins win the race as these are more pleasing to eyes because of their aesthetic appeal and looks. And, finally, if you want to reuse the items over and over again then again these are a preferable option. 


Both plastic bins and cardboard boxes have their unique advantages and disadvantages when it comes to storing home belongings. You can evaluate the requirements of your move on the above mentioned information about both the options. For example, if you are moving during the raining season, you should prefer plastic bins, but if it is going to be sunny, don’t waste hard earned money and get free moving boxes instead.

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