1.Can you talk to us more about your latest single

“Red” is the second single from our upcoming album. We chose to release this song in particular because it has a nice blend of heavy riffs, melodicity and meaning which kind of feels like the sweet spot to us. On top of that, it is quite different from the first single – “Headache”, so putting out “Red” after that one was a perfect opportunity to emphasize the diversity of Mazemile’s sound.

2. Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song? 

The idea for the instrumental part came from an accidental encounter that our guitarist Andrew had not too long ago. While walking down the street he bumped into a family on a walk with their disabled kid. The girl was obviously blind, nevertheless, her face was lit up with a smile so wide and cheerful that it caused a stunning emotional effect on Andrew:

“When you see something like that, you know.. it makes you feel somewhat uneasy. But that smile turned everything inside me upside down, to be frank. It gave me such a strong emotional uplift that I just HAD to somehow share it. And I chose to do so through music. This is how the track came into being – originally under the title of “Touch The Sky”. My goal in writing was to imagine what the world view of such a person might be like, re-create it with the sound of guitars. One thing this encounter left me confident about is that inside that view there is space for bright colors. Feelings hopes and dreams – even despite the lack of actual, physical colors.”

“I literally learned about all this just now”, laughs Eli, the band’s vocalist. “I was on a long solo drive through American South-West at the time. Listening to Andy’s demo on the road and the very title of the track really clicked with those open sky sceneries and magnificent desert sunsets. Being on the move made me want to grasp my anticipation of change and combine it with outstanding visual imagery. That would help me to form the two into a kind of personal memo. That’s where the demo came in handy. If you listen to the song you’ll notice its slightly unsettled, roadtrippy vibe, which came as a result of that. As much as this song has a personal meaning to me, it is a nice thing to accompany you on a road trip, so I suggest you give “Red” a shot next time you get on one”. 

3.  Any plans to release a music video for the single? 

There have been talks going on in that regard about a month or so ago. We’re thinking of shooting a quality music video with a sizeable budget, but we agree that we should pick a different song, something that fits our core style better. So can’t really share any definite plans for a music video.

4. How was the recording and writing process?

This song wasn’t an exception from our tried-and-true way of writing. First came the guitar demo with some generic drum samples that were substituted with a nice fitting part recorded using an electronic drum kit. After choosing between a couple of top line variants and fine-tuning the lyrics we went into our studio with a thorough sketch that we then basically re-recorded using all real instruments. As for the writing process, all the parts fell in place quickly and there was no need for iterations like it is normally the case for us. A bunch of tweaks here and there, a couple underdubs was all that the song needed.

5. Does the new single mean we can expect a new material

Of course it does! Both “Headache” and “Red” are just a prelude for a ten-track album that we are going to drop this upcoming Fall. Besides, we’re working on a bunch of cover songs that we want to present as a little tribute to the major influences that we have had over the years as a band and as individual musicians. We expect to get done with that in a month or two and switch back to writing original music. There is a ton of ideas, sketches, and demos just waiting there to be developed into cool new songs!

6. how’s that coming along? 

Well, the album is virtually ready to be released and we’re about to pick a certain date for it. As far as the covers go, we still need to finish our drafts to figure out what kind of twist is needed to make those songs sound a tad more original, more like us. We plan to start the recording process for these four covers in about a month’s time. As for the new material, we anticipate getting very productive towards the end of the year, at least after the covers finally “hit the tape”.

7. Any tentative release date or title in mind?

The new album will be released no later than early October. Maybe even late September since we can’t wait much longer to share it. There is a number of tracks on that record that we are really proud of and that we have been long promising to put out. We did our best producing, recording, and mixing those, so our hopes are that the album will be received well not only by our old-time friends and fans but by the general public as well. As for the following releases, there’s no definite schedule yet. However, we have a plan to please you with some fresh stuff before the year 2020 ends!

8. What else is happening next in Mazemile world?

Right now we are fully consumed with the promotion work for the album. There is a lot of things to make sure are done right in that regard since this is our first big release and we definitely want to make it as loud as possible. We have recently started video-documenting our recording sessions with the purpose of compiling the footage into short and fun-to-watch clips. This video content was initially planned to secure some presence on Youtube for the band, but who knows, if people like it and find it engaging, we might create a sort of a dedicated rubric on DIY producing, recording, and mixing heavy metal. As noted above, we want to sift through our oldest material, pick maybe five or six songs and completely re-build them from the ground up: write brand-new drums, bass parts, layered vocals, and so forth. Then the plan is to add four other songs written from scratch and, hopefully, end up with another full-length album by the end of the next year!

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