How you can keep your kids Safe Online?

Imagine, you drop your child at the school and you thought he might be studying there and preparing himself for his bright future. I know, as being a parent it’s our sole desire to see our kids being successful in life. But what if, you find out that he misses the school and went out with a random stranger he just met on the internet! What he has been doing with him? Did the stranger harm him in any way? Where did they both meet? Why did I not aware of all this happening in front of me?

Millions of questions will be coming straight into your mind but unfortunately, there is no answer to them or it’s too late to cry over spilt milk.

Importance of Online Safety of Kids

Kids are spending their days and nights surfing on the web, playing online games with the people around the globe and, chatting with random strangers thinking they are their well-wishers! The Internet has now become an important and necessary part of this generation just like water, air, and food. But as wrong food destroys the digestive system, the same as inappropriate use of the web can destroy your child’s future and can even ruin his life.

Addiction to pornography, unauthentic and pirated downloads, sharing privacy online, chatting with strangers especially adults, and becoming a victim of cyber-bullying is one of the worst but real harms the internet can do to your child and this can leave an unforgettable mark on his memory. In addition to this poor eyesight, underdevelopment of the brain, poor posture, depression, and anxiety are also found common in adolescents and this is all due to the internet.

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You can play Your Part

As being a parent, it is not the end and you can still play your part in protecting your children from the harms internet does. As surely, you cannot stop them using the internet because it will be as you have locked them in a room. Internet comes with a tremendous amount of opportunities and it’s a gateway for children to explore the world. This is how they will grow! As a parent, your duty is to guide them about the appropriate use of the web and along with that, you should have an eagle eye on your child’s online activities. This is the only suitable way to protect them and let them grow simultaneously.

  • Educate them about the use and misuse of the internet.
  • Limit their screen time.
  • Tell them about the importance of privacy and refrain them to share their personal data online.
  • Track their locations through mobile phone location trackers.

FamiSafe Parental App:

FamiSafe parental app understands your problems and knows the importance of kid’s safety. It’s a parental app for those smart and caring parents who want their child to be secure when using the internet or going out alone. FamiSafe help parents navigate their kid’s location through their in-build cellphone location tracker and have a check on their ongoing activities.

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How to Use Famisafe Location Tracker?

Just a few clicks are required and within seconds FamiSafe is installed in both the devices used by parents and kids. Follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Download the app from the buttons given below:

Step 2: Sign up for free and choose the category of parent/kid for the device.

Step 3: Enter Child’s Nickname and Age.

Step 4: Activate the accessibility of the app and turn on the usage access.

Step 5: Allow Read App Notification and Press Active Administrator

Step 6: Grant Permission to Active Contact list and location

Step 7: Activate the app on your kid’s cell phone too.

Step 8: Installation process is Complete!

Step 9: Now you can track your kid cell phone location in real-time.

Bonus Features

Along with its magnificent feature of tracking location, FamiSafe got some extra or you can name them as “Bonus features” for parents. It has a screen timer so that your kids can have proper screen time allotted to them by you. It also contains websites and browser blockers so that no inappropriate content can reach your child. Age and unauthentic downloads restrictions are also one of the leading features of FamiSafe. Cyber attackers can never harm your child as you will be aware of all the activities of your kid and have full control over what he can approach on the internet.

Premium Plans:

FamiSafe is low on Parents budget because we understand you and your needs. You can take our Monthly/Quarterly/Annually packages. They are affordable and are also need of the hour. Now you can connect as many devices as you like without any worries.

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Sincere Advice

Finally, I personally want you to think about your child’s future and to protect them from the evil eye people have on them. I advise you to have a complete check on your cutie pies and their online surfing. Your Child’s Safety comes first and as being a responsible parent you should think for them wisely. I hope you understand my concern.

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