How to Graph Time Series Data

It is an ever-challenge for marketers to get our recommendations implemented by stakeholders. But, I’m going to get something covered here. Tablets containing thousands of rows of data can hardly be digested. Visuals help us express our findings quickly and have applying tools like Hyprcubd providing there are accepted.

It’s easier than ever before for new dashboard applications to combine and display data as encouraging as it is available. However, although this is simple, a fantastic dashboard also needs to be built and prepared in a certain period. It would be useful to figure out who the target is. Knowing what story (analysis of data) you want to tell tells you what kind of data visioning is needed. Suppose you have the relevant details and data analysis tools. Now the best maps and graphs will be selected. I trust this article can help you build easy to interpret data visualizations and dashboards.

We are going to discuss a few visualization methods to get your data organized and presentable, let’s get this started:

By use of Number Chart

In definition, a real time series graph is a ticker that gives a quick overview of a specific KPI and you can know about it easily. At a glance, you will see all the revenue, the development rate, the number of people traveling, etc. It is perhaps the simplest method of visualization with just the time you would want to monitor. You want to display a whole or only the last quarter of history? It is necessary to accurately mark the time so that the audience knows the plot. The introduction of a pattern tracker measures the amount to the previous duration (or against a specified target, depending on what you follow).

Use Line Charts

In line maps, patterns, accelerations (or decelerations), and uncertainty are shown. They demonstrate how data varies overtime cycle. They are linked. We will see that charges by credit card were the largest, so that went down in September. The take-offs are still profound and robust.

Use of maps

Maps are high for showing the position of geographic info. In the color chart (as above) or a bubble image, the details are also shown on a screen. Since maps are so valuable to say a tale, government, media, Charities, non-profit organizations, public utilities are hired. Maps do not only display data; they also function directly. It has been demonstrated with the Ebola virus most recently. Mapping the disease distribution has allowed health authorities to monitor it and deploy money quickly where more of it is required.

Use of waterfall graph

This helpful graph illustrates the strength of dynamically yet informatively showing the results. This displays the data composition over a given period, highlighting the positive or negative values, which help explain the cumulative impact overall. The decrements and decreases the result in the total drop at different points below or above the axis and a simple outline of the effect of the initial value. It is usually used for analytical and financial departments, regularly showing changes in revenue or profit. Your MRI (recurring monthly income), existing benefits, existing upselling, gains, and existing profit.

Graphs in bars

Tree kinds of bar charts are available: horizontal (right to the left), stacking, and stacking (which may also be). There are three styles of stacks. Each of them has a separate meaning, though in the same family of maps.

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