8 Tips For Grocery Shopping In The Supermarkets

No doubt, grocery shopping takes away a big portion of your paycheck. Whether you are stocking up your pantry for a week or just picking a few items, a few simple ways can help you save money and time. Keep reading to know!

Plan Ahead

The grocery shopping process starts even before you enter the store. Thus, before you set out for the supermarket, plan your meals, and create a list. Though it takes a few minutes, it keeps you from running to the store for finding the missing items.

To save money, you can use family fare flyer, Walmart flyers, or coupons of any store you love. By incorporating these things into your shopping strategy, you may find sale foods that can be used in several meals.

Don’t Shop On Sunday Afternoon

From people making and entertainers making their way for shopping to the procrastinators hitting the store just before the weekend, Sunday is the most crowded time at a superstore. It is never fun to wait in long queues, fight with the crowd, and browse the items left out in the sale racks. 

So, what is the best time to shop instead? Well, off-hours are the best time in the morning, late in the evening, as well as during the week.

Shop Wisely

Don’t add an item to your cart just because it is put on sale. You may find it hard not to pick something when it is labeled with the ‘SALE’ sticker. But, it is better to look at the other items or prices. If an item is on sale, it doesn’t mean that it is the cheapest option available to you.

So, look around on the multiple shelves and compare prices. Don’t forget to check the store-brand items. You may find the best option there.

Always Pick Perishable Items From The Shelf’s Back

Most stockers follow ‘first-in, first-out’ rule, and so should you! They tend to place the new stock behind the old. For packaged items and frozen food, expiration dates are far off. However, it is good to reach the back of the stack for eggs, dairy products, or other fresh foods. This way, you will be able to find the item with a distant expiry date.

You Can Sign Up For Discount Programs

You may not know what discounts or specials a local grocery store offers to the customers. Besides, some stores also offer extra savings for senior citizens and students. Ask about discount cards and a store membership program; these programs provide special deals and savings. Many times, discount cards are available for free and offer savings on prescription medications.

Don’t Shop For The Fresh Produce In The Middle Of The Day

If you want to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, plan your shopping time to coincide with the deliveries. Deliveries of this produce usually arrive in the morning or later in the evening. Thus, if you are looking for the freshest produce or a wide selection, find put when the shipments arrive and shop at those times. 

Don’t Shop Without Looking At The Store Ads

If you don’ have much time to clip coupons, having a quick look at the family fare weekly ads or sales ads of any grocery store is a great way to find sales. Compare the prices of the food items at the store and look for discounts. 

If a food item you use frequently goes on sale, stock it up. Many staple foods can be stored, such as milk. Many stores offer price matching to the customers. It can help you save dollars without requiring you to visiting the store again and again.

Remember Simple Shopping Rules

If you want savvy shopping without spending hours in the store, keep a few simple rules in mind-

  • Shop the perimeter of the superstore, where fresh fruits, meat, dairy, and fish are located. Further, avoid the center aisles where fast food is placed.
  • Avoid foods with more than five ingredients or artificial ingredients.
  • Choose real foods, like 100% whole grain foods or juice.
  • Stay clear of the cartoon-labeled foods targeted to kids if the ingredients aren’t healthy.

Keep these handfuls of tips in mind while shopping in a superstore. These tips will help you save money and buy the healthiest produce.

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