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An employee is a person who works for any organization, office, or governmental institution and gets payment for his/ her job. The employees are often known as servants or officer. Sometimes the employees face problems like unpaid wages, or the employers do not pay their due benefits or wages they deserve. In this kind of situation, they should contact a person like Unpaid Wage Lawyer.

If the employees in California experience unpaid wage problems, they can file a wage claim. In this process, an outstanding unpaid wage lawyer can help them. Several numbers of waging issues that the employee usually faces, its solution, and the process of filling allegation for unpaid wages have alluded below. 

What should the employees do if they haven’t paid their salary properly?

The employees should record their working hours during the pay period and mention their additional expenses because of the late paycheck. Primarily, the workers should inform the employers about the due payment and give them a chance to redact the problem.

In some cases, the payment could delay because of the bank clearance issue. If the problem is not schematic or intentional, the employers will pay extra charges for the unpaid payment. If it is was done intentionally, the workers should file a claim for the restitution.

What should the workers do if their employer’s check bounced?

If the employee’s wage check bounces, he or she should inform the employers to check that it was a mistake or not. If the problem was intentional, the workers should keep all the documents like the work hour record, pay stub, or accounts to take any legal action.

The workers can file an allegation against the authority if they intentionally create any problem. The Labor Commissioner’s Office will investigate that.  

If the workers don’t get the commission they earned, what should they do?

Usually, the workers can’t file any allegation for the payment of a commission. The fair labor standards act doesn’t wield this. But if the payment commissions previously mentioned in their agreements and the employers don’t provide the commission, they can form a legal lawsuit against the employers.

An employee can seek an attorney’s advice or go to the court for this kind of commission issue. The court will help him/her to get the commission through proper justice.

How to file an Unpaid Wage allegation?

When an employee perceived any payment issues, he or she can file a wage claim. The law authority of California, USA, is always aware of employee’s rights, and its labor laws protect all the workers. The procedure of filing allegation

  • The workers can file an allegation with the Labor Commissioner’s Office through the mail, email, or in person. When the employees’ complaints are filed, the authority inquires into the claim to determine the allegation’s truth.
  • To file the claim, workers should gather information about employers like the name of the company, product labels, mailing labels, etc. If the worker wants to claim allegations against more than one employer, they need to mention their names.
  • In an unpaid wage claim, an employee should need to mention the total working hours. If any agreement pays the employees, they still deserve the minimum wage for each working hour.
  • The workers should keep pay-sheets. It will help them with the investigation purpose.

After gathering the necessary information and documents, the employees can file the claim through emails or in person. For the allegation filling process, they have to download the allegation form, and after attaching essential documents, they can easily send it via emails. The authority will investigate the claim and help the workers to get the unpaid wages they deserve.     

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