Music Changes Fashion

Music; it is without a doubt one of the most powerful art forms to be created by humankind.  Not only does it bring people together but it is also a huge influence to pop culture. It is a clear  indication of eras that shaped us for who we are as a society today. Like music, fashion is a huge aspect of our being. These two elements through the years have gone hand in hand in creating trends that we follow today. Music has always been a form of expression and individuality. Although fashion was created for a purpose, it has also become a reflection of our being and personality. Music can be seen as a huge influence in fashion in every decade of the last century. 

It started in the 1920’s, where jazz music was at its peak. Going to jazz bars was a huge thing back then and people of all colors all put their race aside for the love of music. Not only did jazz gather people of all races, it was also a genre that had feminist undertones which gave women a platform to dress and act in a non-traditional manner. Later on, movies and especially music were more featured and publicized when the boom of the television started. Talented stars and celebrities wore flamboyant and beautiful clothing that influenced the youth. This is where clothing trends really started to become a big deal to society. Each era a new genre is created, during the 50’s and 60’s a more modern form of jazz was formed and in came the beginning of soul. During this time a subculture associated with beat music was formed, this generation was called beatnik. This subculture has become one of the biggest breakout styles in high fashion history to this day. 

In came the 1960’s, where psychedelic music was formed due to the Vietnam war which shaped many of society’s untraditional values. This resulted in a musician’s experimental phase and their intake of psychedelic drugs like LSD and peyote. Due to these drugs, the music in this era became trippy, and this heavily influenced the way people wore clothing too. After the hippie era came the 1970’s punk era, a musical movement that started from jazz and soul. It evolved into a movement, spreading a message to raise a middle finger to societal standards. The bright colored hair and hand-made clothing was definitely intentional to stand out, what better way to start a movement than to get noticed by looking different?

The 1980’s was a time of Goth culture. From punk to glam rock in the 70’s, goth music started as death rock, a combination of dark and gloomy music which evolved into many other genres such as synthpop and new wave. This genre influenced the youth to wear spooky themed clothing. As the 90’s came rolling in, a lot of backlash from the previous eras took full effect, making the youth more aware of societal issues, thus forming angst in the world. Grunge and hip hop were both different genres and had different sounds but ultimately had one goal: to speak up. These different musical genres influenced many of the trendy fashion styles we know today. 

It isn’t a secret that fashion and music go hand in hand. One will influence the other as it is a form of expression and individuality, as well as an indication of an era. Today, in the 21st century, we create new styles and trends that are all influenced by all these eras. Like music, experimenting is a great way to find your own individuality, if you are interested in developing your own sense of style, find inspiration from people you listen to. Grab certain clothing like dresses, jeans, to make a full outfit. Look for a dresses boutique in Miami as there are so many choices to choose from! Experiment with so many different styles, and maybe start your own trend too!

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