How to be at the top in League of Legends

LoL is a game in which you have to amass a lot of knowledge to be strong. For this reason, there is no guide covering all of LoL and this explains why many players do not see the difference in skill between platinum and bronze. This is also why you cannot find a “miracle recipe to improve yourself”. This is a miracle recipe or at least the list of ingredients for this recipe. We are not going to teach you exactly what to do in-game, but how to approach it to be better there as a whole. But if you wish to have a coach who could teach you everything thoroughly then you can check this site out.

This guide can be used by everyone, but only the most motivated can really use it. All players are not equal: not all have the same potential, the same basic talent, the same experience of PvP, MOBAs in general, or even the microphone. But if not all start equal, all can finish it. As mentioned before, LoL is a game that requires knowledge. If not everyone is able to swim the butterfly, everyone has the ability to memorize information and store it in memory.  It’s within everyone’s reach but even after reaching you still have to become better.

Invest in it

Motivation, it goes hand in hand with investment. You won’t get any better playing 2 games a week. If you play once every 10 years but want to improve, the first step is to play more. The adage that claims that it is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith is true in LoL.

90% of players are below Platinum: reaching this level is relatively easy, but for those who would like to go further, the time investment can (should) be optimized (if you don’t want to become a no-life or lose time not to learn).

Investing in LoL is to stop thinking of it as a short-term distraction (like any other game for you) and start seeing it as a discipline in its own right. You can also go for boosting from Eloboostlords to become better.


Knowing how to build your champion is one of the most important skills in LoL. Champions are nothing without items because your items determine your abilities. Having inappropriate items is like having unnecessary skills for the team (typically a tank that builds damage).

Building your champion in LoL more or less follows the Stone / Leaf / Scissors principle (as in 99% of games). The situation in the game determines which objects you must build to counter the opponent’s objects/champions.

Stay aware of the new champions revealed in League of Legends. For example, in the middle of 2021 another League of Legends champion, called Akshan, joined the lineup. Akshan is a mid-lane marksman assassin, built to play aggressively early on in the game by roaming and skirmishing. His intended strengths include strategic flanking and target access due to stealth and mobility from a grappling hook. Read tips on how to play with Akshan


It is not “fun games” or other ARAMs that you could do “in relaxation”; but many normal games (where you can learn) and Ranked.

You cannot play while doing something else: Facebook, Twitter, Skype, chatting at the same time, noise, unwanted interruptions, hardware problems, pets, etc.

You must be focused on your game to be able to play correctly and to your full potential. Close your other open windows, put on AFK IRL, and put on your headphones! Imagine that on a 11v11 soccer field one of the players suddenly stops playing because his phone rings or his mother comes into the field to call him at the table. It’s just unthinkable.

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