One of the most common things every gambler wonders about is, “Can I win for real?” There are stories about those who do, as well as examples when people put in thousands without much luck. So which of those will become your story in the end? 

When it comes to playing slots online, your luck and the amount of win are always determined by a few factors. Luck plays a role, but also skills, things you believe in, and the casino’s policies. Below let’s have a look at some of the aspects that matter. 

Trusting the right casino 

You can win big at any online casino. But you can only count on being able to withdraw that cash from one that’s legitimate. Unfortunately, there are plenty of scam websites that take your money and don’t pay up what’s due. 

To avoid that sort of disappointment, always make sure you pick a 100% legal and reputable online venue. This is your best guarantee of seeing the money won in your bank account or e-wallet. 

Players from Australia are really excited about Kahuna casino, for instance. This fully licensed online gambling venue offers numerous top pokies and guarantees your winnings will be paid out in full. 

Using the right skills and strategy 

Some games are chance-based, with outcomes being as random as they come. In fact, the virtual random number generator is used at every online casino these days. It applies to pokies, as well as any other games where random combinations need to be generated. 

While pokies and roulette, as two of the most common examples, do not require any skills, blackjack does. So does poker. 

As for strategy, even games that don’t need you to have the skill can be improved by applying a successful strategy. Your strategy could be betting consistently over a period of time (for pokies that offer multipliers growing with every spin). Or it could be to pick a pokie with better RTP and medium volatility. 

There are a great lot of such strategies that are quick to learn and make your chances of winning mathematically better.

An important thing to keep in mind is that even if you successfully apply every strategy in the world, you may still not be able to win money. Otherwise, everyone would be gambling 24/7. 

So make sure to pick the games that you also happen to enjoy. It’s important not to lose sight of the fact gambling is about fun. Having some of that fun in the process is only logical. 

Doing your research  

You probably heard that taking advantage of bonuses is a great way to make more progress no matter the game. Even though wagering requirements apply in most cases, you are still starting with double more cash than otherwise (100% bonuses). 

When taking advantage of any bonus, keep in mind each comes with terms. Studying those terms is important. You need to know the maximum bet you are allowed to make, how many times to wager etc. 

Also, make sure Australian players are welcome at the casino of your choosing. Most venues have lists of restricted countries, and apart from the “usual suspects” like the USA, Israel, and the like, these may include Australia. This is not the case with Kahuna casino – Aussie players are welcome there any time without any restrictions. 

Believing in myths and misconceptions 

Gambling is surrounded by numerous myths. No one denies the role of luck in winning. But the most important thing you need to know is that the casino always wins in the long run.

All games come with a mathematically calculated probability of winning, so the average player will lose. But that still means two things: 

1) some players will win;

2) you can boost your chances by picking games with more suitable RTPs and volatility.

The most common myth is that about a game or a pokie being “hot” or “due”. What you need to remember is that random number generators used at online casinos make double sure every outcome is random. So that belief is a thing of the past and should not be relied on when strategizing. 

Being responsible 

Responsible gambling may sound boring. But it’s crucial for walking away with your win instead of spending it. Responsible gambling includes, among other things: 

  • sticking to your plan no matter what (stopping for the day as planned instead of following your perceived “lucky streak”);
  • staying within the budget you set;
  • cashing out when you land a big win and carrying out with your regular budget despite the amount previously won;
  • getting help (setting limits) if you feel your gambling is getting out of control.


To sum up, winning at an online casino is very much real and possible. But players always need to do research and keep certain aspects in mind. Hopefully, the information above was helpful.

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