7 Fashion Trends to Follow In 2020

You are missing out on a really classic attire if your wardrobe does not have a denim top or bottoms. We cannot imagine our wardrobe without jeans, as shocking as it sounds some people who survive on a bare minimum do not have denims. They only have a few pairs of professional attires along with the comfy PJs for their homeless looks. However, if this is your case its time, you go out for shopping or maybe do some online surfing and get yourself some casual long sleeve shirts and straight fit jeans.The combo of clothing is not only suitable for your Saturday night shenanigans, but they work perfectly well for your Monday office look as well. That’s right, you just killed two birds with a single stone and what more do we want then save some bucks for a rainy day?

As much as the pandemic and quarantine have paused our lives, nothing can ever put our inner supermodel and crazy fashionista to sleep. Since we had more time in the quarantine, styling the new designs had become our favourite hobby to keep us from getting bored. Even working from home has become fun now, as we do not recommend working from your bed in the PJs as it completely puts down the morale of the employee. However, we cannot wait to share the fashion trends in 2020, so without any further ado, let’s jump in and style ourselves better.

  1. Monochromatic Style

With some many new normals introduced in our lifestyle [hinting at wearing facemasks] styling in monotone, outfits have become a new trend too. It might take some time to hang on to this new trend, but I am sure you will not be able to resist the dull yet attractive colours for a longer time. If you are looking for monochromatic outfits, then I would advise you to pick a colour first that you pop in the most and then pair them up with the colours that go best with them. Choosing to style your darker denim bottoms with the lighter shades of the top is the easiest and effortless bet for a monochromatic outfit to a party or a workplace. The best part of this trend is you can go to your workplace in this attire and then without a need for a change you can attend a dinner party at your friends as well. How pretty convenient that is.

  • Cardigans Set

If you are planning to put your work wardrobe on hold for a while and need new clothes to wear to work from home, then coordinated sets of cardigans are your best option. While you are not in a mood to get ready for the zoom meeting but still need to look presentable, try complementing your cardigan with a top. The dress itself gives off a professional look without doing anything at all. Moreover, you can also match up your cardigan with a casual t-shirt to have more comfy yet chic look for the zoom meeting. Pair your top with the jeans or pyjama pants to give it a complete outfit.

  • Don On Suits

As much of a surprise, it is for you, but suits are still in fashion; however, the current trend does not restrict them to the workplaces only, but you can wear them on your club nights as well. The waistcoats and vests have made a new entry which resulted in the arrival of the three-piece suits. If you want to give your outfit a more casual look, you can balance the whole dress with the Bermuda shorts. Looks like suits are not going out of sartorial world anytime soon, so its time you take out the one lying in your wardrobe and go with the trend.

  • Cuban Shirts

To have more summery look for men, the latest fashion trend is to wear Cuban collar long sleeves men shirts.With a quirky collar, these shirts are the safest way to jazz up your look and create a real fashion statement. You have an option to either choose a plain solid colour or wear the ones with the bold print. Bottom line is whichever ones you choose, be ready to face strange and startling stares. You can further pair your whole look with sunglasses and chinos and viola you are prepared to don your beachy and summery look.

  • High Waist Trousers

High waist jeans were the highlight of the 2019 women fashion trends, however, now in 2020 the men have adopted this fashion trend too and they are pretty much killing it. You can go back to the 40s with the high waist pants as this trend keeps making its comeback after every few years. Channel your inner supermodel by combining them up with the tucked-in shirts, or you can rock them up with an open shirt.

  • Topless Era

Make it loud and wear it proud, before you cringe on the idea of literally wearing bras only, hear me out. The current trend considering the pandemic and quarantine has given rise to the comfy and snugly clothes, this is where the topless era barged in. They are called lounge ready bras for the days when you do not feel like dolling up and need to stay in bed for an extra hour. Don these bras with the comfy undies for the days that do not call for much effort. We all have bad days, so why not stay in comfortable and fewer clothes to ease our mood?

  • Bell Bottoms For Men

It is one another fashion style that men have taken up from women. The ’70s have made another comeback with the flares but for men this time. It is safe to say; the current fashion trends are all about a little modification in the old traditional dresses. These pants go best with the turtle necks or an oversized hoodie, whatever suits your comfort.


Make your world your runway; each year surprises us with the new fashion trends. 2020 has been enough surprising for us with the pandemic and other incidents, but you can always lighten your mood by clothing yourself in trendy clothes. As nothing makes a person happier than feeling pretty and in style.

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