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Subscribing to the Best Cable TV Service – A Detailed Guide

Choosing a reasonable cable TV service that provides you with all that you need could be tough. One company might be offering a range of channels but the price may be too high.

If you are in search of the best cable TV service providers in the States, you have come to the right place. Apart from a few attractive deals like Cox cable packages, you will also learn about companies that you will find to your liking. Here are some prominent service providers worth considering:


If you are in search of a cable TV service provider that offers you good customer service, has reasonably priced packages, and comes with a buffet of channels, then Cox should be your first choice. Moreover, the company is offering its services in 19 states. The primary areas of service are Southwest, Northeast, and Central USA. So, if you are living in any of these regions, you could enjoy cable TV service that Cox has to offer. But these reasons are not enough for you to select a service over another.

You should consider Cox for the following reasons:

  • Allows you to self-install the kit through the company’s website
  • Customization of plans as per your liking available

So, if you wish to save the installation charges and want to make a few changes in the available packages, the Cox allows this flexibility.


Mediacom allows subscribers to choose from add-on channel packages. Some of them include plans for kids, sports, and movie channels. A rule that bothers the subscribers is that the cable TV plan comes coupled with an Internet plan. You cannot opt for TV service alone. However, the bundle comes at a reasonable price. Thus, not leaving you with much to worry about. Now that the bundle’s low price means that compromises on quality will be made. Because there aren’t any.

Other than that, subscribers also get to relish the flexible installation window that the company offers. You will not come across a company that has a more flexible service than Mediacom. The technicians will come to your place whenever you ask them to. Even if you wish to schedule installation during the evenings, the option is available. Not only this but weekends are an option too.

However, one thing about Mediacom that bothers many is the customer service that the company offers. It does not live up to the standards of many. But if it does not matter to you much, you can ignore this con that the company has.


Do you love to have access to more channels? Then, Xfinity should be your choice. As it offers the most number of channels for its subscribers. The best part is that the company does not ask you to bundle the TV package with any of its other services. Stand-alone TV service is available. Moreover, you do not only have one or two bundles to choose from. Xfinity is giving subscribers an option to choose from five available bundles.

In case you are wondering if there are quality channels in the list, then you should know that 40% of the most prominent channels are part of Xfinity’s cable TV plans. Other than all these pros, the nationwide availability of the Xfinity’s service makes it accessible and the best option to subscribe to if you keep moving places.

Having said so, not everything about Xfinity is good. As the company does not meet the subscribers’ expectations when it comes to customer service. Although the company is trying to work on it, there hasn’t been much luck until now. But good things are coming.


Another available option is Frontier. The company has to offer the best HD quality picture. Apart from that, subscribers can also choose between FiOS TV or Vantage TV. But that depends on your location. Other than that, you will also get access to promotional offers that are area-specific. These are some of the perks that subscribers of Frontier service enjoy.

However, one of the issues that many companies have in common and Frontier has it too is the customer service. One cannot call it poor but it is not the highlight of their service. On the other hand, if you consider Cox cable customer service, you would be pleasantly surprised. So, if you value customer satisfaction as much as you value the service itself, then make sure you do some digging. The rest depends on the area that you are living in and your preferences.

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