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Neat Tricks & Gadgets Movie Maestros Use To Keep Their Streams Alive!

Keeping your devices up to speed with your insatiable need to watch the latest series and movies is something that does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are several very simple gadgets out there that you may not have thought of that can help you deal with certain nuances that can cut short, slow down, or completely stop your stream.

Wireless Charging Power Bank

If you love to watch movies on the go via your smartphone, then you are going to burn through battery power in no time at all. Pulling out a power bank and charging your device or keeping it running via the use of a power bank is the norm for most of us. However, those pesky wires can be a real pain so what if there was a superfast wireless power bank?

In comes the ChargeHubGo+. A super light and convenient way to charge your phone without the need for any wires!

Photo Stick Movie Locater and Backup

If you are someone that likes to download movies, then from time to time you may find yourself in a situation whereby you know you have a title somewhere but you cannot find it. Sometimes keeping movie downloads is a messy business after all.

In comes the Photo Stick originally designed to search and locate lost photos and images on your devices. Well, this little trickster also searches out lost movies and instantly backs them up onto its local storage.

VPN Software To Avoid Throttling

Strangely, VPNs tend to work better with movie streaming websites than simply streaming the site directly via your standard internet connection. You can find plenty of free VPNs out there that will quite happily handle movie streaming for you, while if you are prepared to make a small monthly investment for faster connection with more server options, then this is also an option.

In comes VPN software such as TunnelBear and Windscribe Pro. These are reliable VPNs that are perfect for streaming movies and/or downloading movie torrent files if that’s what you are into.

WiFi Letting You Down

Arguably the most common issue most of us have is the good old WiFi router. Not all WiFi signals are strong for numerous reasons. For the large majority of us, WiFi works well around our humble abode but we all have a friend that has WiFi issues due to a metal wall or some kind of interference. Or maybe the person with this issue is you.

In comes the WiFi UltraBoost. This is a device that plugs in around halfway between your and your WiFi router. All you need to do is connect it to your WiFi router in the same way you would locate your SSID from your device. Just enter the WiFi password and the booster will act as if it is your WiFi router and retransmit the signal from your original WiFi to your device.

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