How long does it take to climb Mera Peak?

Mera Peak is situated at the 6476m high altitude and which is the highest trekking peak in Nepal. Climbing Mera peak is one of the adventurous and exciting journeys which lead us through the south of Everest, at the edge of the Khumbu region. At this much high altitude,  the content of oxygen in the air is less than half of the sea level. So if you take this as your first high-altitude trek then it will be a bit tough. It would be an amazing experience of snow hiking and climbing. We can see the local sherpa at the Khumbu region where grazing yaks and cooking on fire from yak dung is common.

Climbing in Normal Condition

On the journey which starts from the TIA then to the most thrilling airport of the world Lukla airport. Then after some time, we’ll now head to Chhutenga village. Then from the 2nd day, we’ll have to trek for 4-5 hours daily on a normal day.


Our Mera Peak climbing tour stats from early flight to Lukla(2800m) from TIA Kathmandu. After enjoying a few moments at Lukla we walk towards the Chhutenga where we’ll have our overnight.  As we move through the village of Khothey, Thagnak, and Khare we’ll now start to feel the elevation and the change in vegetation. Now we’ll acclimatize our day to be comfortable with the weather. Crossing Mera La pass now we’ll reach the Mera Peak Base Camp we’ll ascend further for High Camp(5750m). Mera Peak itself is an amazing place to climb. After a snowfall, it will be an energizing climb on fresh snow. Now the classic snow guides us to a steep slope which will be a great effort before reaching the top. Now you can enjoy the panorama formed by Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, and other peaks which have a magnificent view. Now after the journey we’ll again take the same route back to khare and then return to Lukla, then we’ll be back at the starting point.

Best Season

Autumn and Spring are the best seasons for climbing, it is also known as the best time of the year to do any kind of adventure or sports in Nepal. In this season now the snow level would be more thinner compared to other seasons. Our tools and equipment can now cut-off the icy structure on the path which will make our way easier.

Winter and Rainy season is a tough season for trekking because of heavy rainfall, snowfall, and unconditional weather change but it is also exciting, challenging, and wild experiencing. The snow level can rise up to 5 feet which will make it a little bit difficult to climb.  Sometimes we might also have to face the continuous rainfall which creates slippery paths throughout the way.

On the other hand, we have to look at the Lukla airport also because of the unconditional weather change in Lukla. If the weather is too bad then you won’t be able to land at Lukla airport. So, it plays a vital role in the duration of climbing.

Physical and Mental ability

While climbing you have to look at your ability and health also. A fit person can move as the plan. If someone has no experience of trekking in the Himalayas then it would be tough for him/her. If some have less physical ability then they can have some discomfort due to high altitude, tiredness, and climate change. You’ll need more time duration on the trip.


Climbing Mera Peak isn’t a big deal for a trekking person. Trekking 4-5 hours each day motivates you and keeps you refreshed along the journey. If the things, weather, and climate goes well, the trip can be completed in 19-20 days.

Reaching the top of the Mera peak gives you an amazing feeling. The journey would be filled with adventures because of the beautiful mountains and small beautiful settlements that we’ll visit throughout the journey. If we want to visit other beautiful places on the journey then the days would be increased for climbing Mera Peak.

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