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A trend that has been on the rise in Singapore over the last 10 years is medical aesthetics. In the past, it was deemed an indicator of insecurity for females to go for plastic surgeries, much less a male. The rapidly rising media that plastic surgery is receiving in this tiny, country is proof enough that it’s fast being acknowledged as mainstream. The field has reached to the point where treatments that used to be unbearable and lengthy have advanced to the point of being very fuss-free – certain procedures take just a quarter of an hour to be performed! This Southeast Asian city’s practitioners and medical aesthetics industry are rapidly catching up with Seoul – the mecca of cosmetic enhancements.

Melasma Treatment

Pigmentation on skin is a common ailment where you can notice darker patches owing to excessive pigment cells in the skin layer. One other potential cause for the developing of new pigmented spots can be due to excessive contact with ultraviolet (UV) rays and/or sun damage. Because of this, the most frequent places for pigmented conditions to arise in, most easily strike in the most visible spots – the face, brows, forehead, cheeks. Identification of the cause of pigmentation is fundamentally necessary to the effective pigmentation treatment. Let us discuss melasma, a condition arises often due to excessive exposure to sun rays, can get easily misconstrued as freckles, but may start because of instabilities in the body’s hormones. To top it off, there are a minimum of five different types of common pigmentation problems, each with their own causes and individual effective removal techniques.

Precise diagnosis is fundamentally crucial to effective removal of pigmentation. Haphazardly treating pigmentation conditions is a recipe for disaster. Often, various pigmentation conditions to be mistakenly recognised as another condition because of the resemblance in the look between certain pigmentation manifestations. There have even been select cases of the condition deteriorating from receiving of the wrong treatment. Because of this reason, it is not uncommon for someone to explore different views from various doctors on the pigmentation you currently want to clear up, before starting on any specially designed course of pigmentation removal treatment. To know more about how to clear your skin from skin care clinic, visit Dr. David at One Face Clinic.

Smoother Skin

Applied to control and remedy the telltale signs of growing old, fine lines, weak skin laxity and sagging, skinboosters such as Restylane are a highly popular medical aesthetic procedure in Singapore. Commonly used on areas of the skin, skinboosters such as Juvederm bring back the appearance of reduced wrinkles. Very much like other needled treatments, skinboosters like Restylane are performed by medical professionals. Much akin to dermal fillers, products like Juvederm all contain HA (hyaluronic acid). HA is a natural substance in human cells that has increased binding to water molecules. Though some might say results are not instantly visible, they turn clearly visible after 18 days. As there are zero surgeries needed, these miniscule jabs carry no recovery time and ladies may go back to meetings the same day immediately. Please be reminded that there might be bruising caused by the tiny jabs that might take more than days to fully heal. In most cases, skinboosters might be costing around $350-$500 for a complete syringe.

Picolaser in Singapore

PICO lasers are now regarded amid the most sought after aesthetic searches on the internet. Commonly utilized in the removal of pigmentation, pico lasers can also be utilized in a host of other conditions. Patients suitable for picosecond laser treatment include patients with sun spots, liver spots, melasma, freckles, and tattoos.

During a pico laser pigmentation removal, shots of laser energies are aimed at the group of pigments within the skin. The force of laser energy disperses the pigmentation cells into smaller fragments. The shattered bits of the pigments are then removed automatically as part of the body’s immune response, in effect, resolving the collection of pigments. The intensity of the picosecond laser defines it a regulated treatment restricted to accredited healthcare professionals can carry out within Singapore. There is zero downtime from picosecond laser treatments and patients undergoing picosecond laser procedures are fit to return to work or daily activities immediately after the . Some redness at the site of treatment can be seen following the procedure. This typically disappears within 24 hours of the treatment.  Costs for a picolaser procedure can differ greatly; taking a few factors such as size of the procedure area, from $350-$1100 per treatment.

Remove Acne Scars

Acne can form a variety of different kinds of scars. Multiple types can afflict on the same area of skin. Scars that develop as a result of acne are considered amongst the tougher dermal issues to fully handle, simply due to the many differing variations of scars acne can produce, and the complexity of treatment. To further complicate the things, difficulty of variables considered during the treatment protocols is additionally compounded as a result of the fact that each person’s skin expresses unique characteristics that could possibly sway the targeted effect of the treatment procedures. To properly remove acne scars, the doctor has to firstly observe your skin type, while paying heed to the form of acne on the skin. This is crucial since different types of acne will influence the different acne scars of differing variants may form. To name a few, ice pick scars and hypertrophic scars.

It might be tempting to think there might be perfect removal treatment that can effectively remove all acne scars, but no such procedure exists at this current moment. For any good dermatologist looking to produce an optimal outcome, they firstly should plan an action plan for the optimal treatment to best treat the various forms of acne scarring the patient may have. Consult your chosen aesthetics or skin clinic for a bespoke plan to remove your acne scars. Several differing treatment plans combine lasers, subcision, RF needling and various other treatments into one complete strategy. Acne scars are amongst the hardest to treat completely, be prepared to pay approximately $3,500 and up for a full combination strategy for acne scar healing treatment.

Visit a skin care clinic to make sure you are getting the best advice.

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