WipeBot: Transforming Public Restrooms

Public bathrooms. They have become tied with images of dirty floors, clogged toilets, dingy lights, and empty soap canisters. Many people avoid using public bathrooms at all costs, unless they really, truly can’t wait. How did this happen, and why can’t workers, customers, or simply someone enjoying a recreational activity, have the option of using a guaranteed-clean restroom? Which is far from ideal, as according to Menomonee Falls-based Bradley Corp., 52% of people surveyed said if a business had a well-maintained bathroom, they’d be more likely to spend money there.

Which makes keeping your bathroom clean important, for employees, but also customers and potential customers. The same survey conducted by Bradley Corp. found that 64% of people will actively choose a business if it has a clean and well-maintained bathroom, compared to other, similar businesses. In response to this, a start-up company in Texas, WipeBOT Inc, has produced a sanitation process that helps keep bathrooms well maintained, and spotlessly clean.

WipeBOT has created a touch-free solution with an ergonomic handle. When the handle is lifted, it dispenses a new and presoaked wipe for touch-free cleaning. WipeBOT Sanitation Station provides two step sanitation and then disinfection for each bathroom visit, making sure every single bathroom visitor gets care and safety that they get in the comfort of their own home. Such stations could be placed next to each toilet to give each user individual private access.

Designed by a team of engineers and developers, the goal behind WipeBOT is to allow people to feel like they can use a safe, clean bathroom in public, be it in a workplace, coffeeshop, or gas station. Taking a trip to the bathroom while in public shouldn’t be something any of us worry about, nor should a patron be concerned about sitting on the toilet seat, or debating if you can hold the need to go, or not. The WipeBOT provides ease of mind, by providing a hands-free approach for sanitizing an entire restroom stall and removing the concern for touching any infected surfaces

It also enables businesses to keep a more inviting atmosphere, and it shows that they do care about their customers – not just as customers, but as people, too. This holds true for workers within a workspace, as well. Current public bathroom sanitation may not be seen as effective, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be like that. WipeBOT is the answer to unsanitary bathrooms, making a trip to the restroom a comfortable and clean one, and not something up for debate.\

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