Using Music As A Tool To Connect People, DJ Omega Is Connecting People Through His Songs Despite The Pandemic

Justin Gaines, better known as DJ Omega, is a world renowned DJ, producer, activist, and director. He grew up with music, listening to the radio, and at the age of 13, started in the industry and never turned back. He was inspired to get into the industry after seeing the effects and power that music could have with people and the connections they made with music.

“I am a DJ, producer, director, activist. I’ve always grown up with the passion of music. I started in Radio when i was 13 and i was hooked from then! As a kid, I used to go to parties and festivities and saw the power that music has over our spirit. It’s like magic to me. I had to know everything about it. From that passion, the business has grown.” explains DJ Omega.

For DJ Omega, mindset was what allowed him to overcome the obstacles of the music industry. You need to create a powerful mindset in order to make it in the music industry, which is notoriously a difficult industry to achieve success in. Without this good mindset, even in normal businesses, you are bound to fail. It is crucial for getting through the tough spots that make business life difficult.

“Mindstate and vision are everything. To understand the landscape and adapt quickly, requires focus and discipline, all of which starts from within. Greatness is manifested. One of my early challenges was gaining capital. Yet with due diligence and perseverance I was able to overcome that.” DJ Omega explains.

Now, he is a successful producer, DJ, and director. He has worked with numerous music legends from all over the world as well as gone on his own international tours. He has even DJ-ed for professional teams. His career has taken off in incredible ways. To say he has achieved success would be an understatement. His career has brought him to heights he never could have imagined.

“I’m an LA based DJ, from Philadelphia, who has worked with music and entertainment heavyweights such as Kanye West, Wale, Lil Dicky, Amy Winehouse, Kevin Hart and Jerry Seinfeld. My past professional sports clients range from the Philadelphia Eagles (Djing Training camp and all the Home games of the 2014 -17 season), 76ers (Production and In-Game Sound Design 2014-2015) and Washington Nationals ( Production / Player At-Bat Intros 2013), LA Rams Holiday Party (2018- 2019), NBC’s “World Of Dance” Premiere (2019). Musically, I recently came off of a 30 city international tour via Live Nation in November with Topaz Jonez. When not on stage, I was working on Wale’s “Imperfect Storm”,  “Wow..That’s Crazy” & “The Album About Nothing” with Jerry Seinfeld.  Aside from the games, album, and the tour I also appeared in Guest Dj spots on Bet’s Backroom, NBC, and Revolt Live.” states DJ Omega.

DJ Omega has been incredibly adaptive in the new era of covid. For obvious reasons, concerts, events, sports, and other large events have been canceled. Most of the music industry has had to adapt in order to get their music out there. DJ Omega is no different. In addition, quarantine has given him time to delve into activism and help the country become a better place in addition to connecting people through his music. 

“I’m streaming my DJ sets via instagram @omegaisdope and Twitch. Just finished Production of Wale’s “Imperfect Storm” Album. I have also been Organizing Peaceful Protest every Saturday at Los Angeles High Memorial Park with WalkgoodLA to bring awareness to systemic racism and give solutions to build a better nation.” DJ Omega says.

To find out more about DJ Omega, you can follow him on Instagram @omegaisdope and check  out his website as well.

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