Curvy Girls Make Better Lovers

There’s a social stigma around dating a big, beautiful woman (BBW). Curvy women can get a bad rap for how they look despite being warm, loving people. 
And too many men forget that large girls are people. 
The stigma extends to guys that prefer to date a big woman they find attractive. There’s nothing wrong liking plus-sized girls.

Yet you hear stories about men being ashamed to be seen with their larger-than-average girlfriends in public because they are worried about what their mates think. 

There was a time in history when women were coveted for their curves. Big is beautiful and was recognised as a sign of affluence and fertility. 

Yet openly preferring a curvy body shape in the mind’s of many today goes against the grain of what is socially acceptable. And that causes men to feel ashamed about dating BBW even when they don’t find skinny women attractive. 

It’s time men admitted their fetish for fat girls in the modern era too. You shouldn’t be ashamed about loving a person for who they are. Nor should you try and hide your preference for BBW. 

BBW Better In Bed 
The media creates a false impression of what a girl should look like and the type of girl’s guys should go for. 

If you take the advice of glossy magazine writers, you will soon find the illusion shatters and the remnants will shred you to pieces. 

Curvy girls may not feel beautiful or sexy enough, but when they meet a man that shows some affection, she will certainly reveal her inner charm. 

According to a sponsored article published by Curvy Magazine, 89% of men think that curvy women are better in bed! And here are 10 reasons why big girls are better in bed.

The fact of the matter is that curvy women have more to offer; in body, mind and soul. They are more creative, tender and generous. 

Sometimes, you can’t say that about attractive girls. They have no imagination, and many are lifeless in bed. 

Moreover, banging bones with skinny is painful. Curvy girls have soft, warm flesh, are more sensuous and, if tempted, can be very erotic. 

Curvy Girls Care About Your Feelings Too!

A lot of people suffer from low self-esteem in today’s society; both men and women. It’s almost certain that a BBW will have had more than her fair share of insults and disappointments to contend with.

Curvy women that have struggled with their weight from a young age have faced more challenges than most men. If you have low self-esteem, plus-sized girls understand your pain. 

It should be remembered that dating is not all about looks and bedroom antics. What truly matters most is a person’s personality and how much fun you can have on a date together. 

When dating, BBW’s have learnt not to settle for someone who is unkind and verbally or physically abusive. People are naturally attracted to people who make them feel good about themselves and give them confidence. 

Knowing all this, curvy girls are more understanding and appreciative of their lover. And that’s what makes dating BBW’s, better beautiful women

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