Alpha GPC and its clinical studies

Alpha GPC is a choline compound that occurs naturally. We know it as a supplement in the diet that has several health benefits with almost no side effects. Choline is one of the most crucial nutrients and we often buy it along with Vitamin B. Both of them are soluble in water, and when they combine to become a compound, we call it Alpha GPC.

This is an important nutrient and is often available in milk and in our brain. A lot of studies prove that Alpha GPC has several nutritional benefits. Due to these, it is very good for the mental and physical performance of the human body. Some studies also suggest that it has benefits for treating Alzheimer.

Alpha GPC is used for a long time to recover many problems related to the human brain and other physical issues. Due to its popularity in the medical field, scientist got the inspiration to study its behavior with scientific models. In recent years, we have scientific evidence of the benefits of Alpha GPC for several issues.

One of those studies were conducted at the University of Palermo. In this study, they examined the effects of Alpha GPC on the victims of cerebral ischemic attacks. This study later suggested that Alpha GPC improved the chances of cognitive recovery in these patients. As a result, we know that it has positive results for mental health.

The University of Perugia was second to perform a clinical study on the effects of Alpha GPC. It used the compound to treat patients who had Alzheimer. Their study didn’t exert obvious results. However, we still found that there is a positive relation between Alzheimer treatment and Alpha GPC. Moreover, this clinical study also found out that Alpha GPC is safe to use.

There was another study whose main focus was to investigate a relation between Alpha GPC and the growth hormone in humans. In this study, they examined what the positive impacts of the compound on the growth hormone in the human body are.

When they saw the results, it was clear that using this compound increase the release of the growth hormone. Thus, we can say that Alpha GPC has a positive impact on the growth of a person.

Final words

Improving memory, help in the treatment of Alzheimer, and enhancing growth hormones are the basic benefits of Alpha GPC. Each of these studies proved for what humans were using Alpha GPC for a long time.

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