Top Roulette Strategies 2020

It is no secret that roulette is among the most entertaining casino games, which has seen it included in nearly all online and offline casinos. The game has only gained popularity over the time it has been around since the seventeenth century to become a dominating name with different gambler generations. Having been around for long, some strategies have been cooked up to maximize the chances of walking away with profits. The use of strategy in free roulette, despite it being a luck-dependent game, is supported by the fact that its odds can be influenced in favour of winning. Here are some roulette strategies that can prove useful to gamblers in 2020:

The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale roulette strategy is the most popularly applied in both online and land-based casinos. This gameplay approach banks on the idea that, at some point, a win has to come by; hence, players exploit the chance to collect some profit. The Martingale Strategy works by having the gamer double their bet value each time they encounter a loss. Once a win is landed, the stake amount is reset to its original value. The strategy is applied as so:

  Bet Value in Euros    Result  
  One    Loss  
  Two    Loss  
  Four    Loss  
  Eight    Loss  
  Sixteen    Win  

Doubling wagers continuously allows one to not only recover all losses while gaining a small profit of a euro. This method of gameplay works effectively when players abide by the following measures:

  • Apply the strategy in European or French Roulette rather than American Roulette. The first two variations feature 37 pockets thanks to the exclusion of the double-zero slot, which leaves players with better odds of landing winnings.
  • Place even-money bets, which are those on colour, parity, or high/low. These bets offer an almost 50/50 chance of landing winnings, which allows one to land winnings easier.
  • Place stakes on the same number over and over. The bet with which you start applying the Martingale Strategy should be carried on until winnings are landed. For instance, if the bet is on the colour red, at no point should it be changed to black or another even-money bet somewhere down the road.
  • Play roulette games with high bet limits to allow the doubling of bets without reaching the maximum cap too fast.

The Reverse Martingale Strategy

The Reverse Martingale Strategy is exactly what it sounds like, which is the opposite of the Martingale Strategy. Using this method, players are expected to double their stakes when winnings come by and reset back to the original bet value when they lose as follows:

  Bet Value in Euros    Results  
  One    Win  
  Two    Win  
  Four    Win  
  Eight    Win  
  Sixteen    Lose  
  One    Win  

Like with the Martingale approach, this method is best used in European Roulette to place even-money bets. Also, the games should have small minimum and high maximum wager limits. The most significant upside of the Reverse Martingale roulette strategy is that it maximizes on winning streaks and collect big payouts. However, it also results in substantial losses when luck runs out. Also, it can have one waiting for a long time to bank on significant wins if payout rounds are not as many as the lost rounds.

The Grand Martingale Strategy

The Grand Martingale Strategy is just like the Martingale Strategy at its core, but with higher risk. With every losing hand, this strategy states that stakes should be doubled with an additional amount equal to the original stake. The bets end up looking like this:

  Martingale Bet Value    Original Bet    Total Stake    Result  
  One    N/A    One    Lose  
  Two    One    Three    Lose  
  Four    One    Five    Lose  
  Eight    One    Nine    Lose  
  Sixteen    One    Seventeen    Win  

The Grand Martingale Strategy may have a bigger impact on your bankroll, especially when applied on a larger scale, but the payouts are higher once the right pockets are landed. This method is best used in European Roulette variations that have wide bet limits.

The Fibonacci Strategy

This roulette gambling approach is based on the discovery of the twelfth-century Italian mathematician Leonardo of Pisa. When placing bets, players have to follow a specific number series, which is used to define various elements in nature like the number of petals on flowers or bees in a hive. The string of numbers is created by adding the previous two numbers in the sequence to create the next one. Below is a look at how it works:

  Number Sequence    How They Are Created  
  One    The first number in the series  
  One    Sum of one and zero  
  Two    Sum of one and one  
  Three    Sum of two and one  
  Five    Sum of three and two  
  Eight    Sum of five and three  

The Fibonacci number sequence can count as high up as one wants, which makes it applicable in roulette games with upper betting limits. The bets placed should follow the series and be used to place even-money bets. Once a win is encountered, move back two steps in the number sequence and start again. Continue applying the strategy until the value of gains is higher than that of losses. Usually, just a few lucky wins are necessary to get back the losses made with a profit on top.

The Fibonacci Strategy is especially favourable when using a small bankroll since it does not demand a rapid increase in bets like with those that fall under the Martingale banner. On the downside, it is challenging to keep up with the sequence, especially when it climbs too high and when playing first-paced roulette variations.

The D’Albert Strategy

The D’Albert Strategy is considered a safer alternative that the Martingale options as well since it accommodates small bet increments. Instead of doubling wager amounts, this method requires punters to change bets by a value of one. Each time a loss is encountered, increase the stake by one and decrease it by the same amount if you land a win. Close the gaming session when the number of wins is equal to those of losses. It is essential to keep track of game results to steer clear of avoidable losses.


Study the roulette strategies and how they are applied to find an ideal one that suits your gambling goals and budget. Even so, keep in mind that roulette is a game of chance, and these strategies do nothing to change that.

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