Must-have Essential Features For Your Cozy Personal Bedroom

The most personalized and private space in your house is your bedroom. It is one of the places where you feel the safest to rest after a tiring day’s work. It is the most secure place to keep your most valuable and most important belongings and possessions. And it is where you have all the freedom to make personal changes and customization according to your taste.

The style of your bedroom, how it looks, and what’s in it depend solely on you as the owner. Your bedroom should give you a cozy, relaxing, and comfortable feeling, not distress. So, the features and furniture in your bedroom should be chosen accordingly, to avoid cramped space and having an unorganized, bizarre-looking, nerve-racking room.

With that in mind, before deciding to add some luxurious yet space-consuming features that can make your room unique from others, start first on the features that are essential to your living and sleeping needs. These features should be prioritized first, among others.

Mattress and Bedding Set

The centerpiece of every bedroom is your bed or bunk with its cushy, warm, and soft bedding set and mattress. It is the most useful bedroom feature and must be the first thing you should consider when decorating your room. A bedroom that has no bed is not a bedroom, after all.

When you buy a new mattress for your bed, test first the quality and variations of type before purchasingThere are many custom closet designs you could consider adding to your bedroom. Also, make sure that its size corresponds to the measurement of your bed. So, it won’t look awkward and off.

The same goes with the bedding set. Your chosen bedding set should fit your mattress and be delicate enough to make you feel at ease. The best bedding material to choose is that of silk. Aside from its luxurious touch, a silk quilt, silk sheets, silk pillowcases, and silk covers are low maintenance and can be easily cleaned.

Bedside Table

Having a bedside table in your room does not take up too much space but is useful for storage. You can keep your most valuable things, such as jewelry and accessories in its drawers. And you can also put your chosen bedside lamp, reading materials, photo album, etc. on the top surface of it.

If you’re the type of individual who wakes up at night because of thirst, you no longer have to go to the kitchen to drink water because you can place a glass of water on the top surface of your bedside table for an easy reach before sleeping. Purchasing a bedside table, therefore, is purposeful and is a must!

Wall Patterns, Colors, and Decors

Nobody wants a dull-looking room. The prospect of having a colorful, pretty, organized, and relaxing to the eyes bedroom feels like living in Nirvana. It is the dream, the goal of most people. That is why bedroom decoration and improvement need all-out planning and preparations.

Before buying home decor for your bedroom, you must first keep in mind the colors and wall patterns of your room. The colors of the decors should complement well with the colors of the wall. Or else, you will find it problematic to place them anywhere because it would look out-of-place. You can check some room color palette ideas for guidance.

Bedroom Electronic Appliances

Ceiling fans, air conditioner, Smart bedroom television, heater, air purifier, bedside lamp, etc. are some of the bedroom electronic appliances that you must have in your room. Aside from being useful and handy, they can provide comfort while you sleep.

The air conditioner, ceiling fan, and heater can manipulate the room temperature compatible with your preference. The air purifier can give you clean air to breathe. And Smart television can provide entertainment while you’re in your room. These appliances are pricey, yes, but they can loosen up the atmosphere of your room.


After taking a shower, your bedroom is the most secure place to change clothes. Thus, it is vital to place your closet in your bedroom. Your closet serves as a safe in which you store and hang your most beloved clothes and belongings. Owning a closet can help you organize and track the clothes that you want to wear for the day.


These are some of the bedroom elements and features that you must have in your room to experience a livable place to lie, close your eyes, relax, and sleep in peace. These features are mostly handy and purposive. And thus, you should prioritize these when decorating your room.

Of course, your bedroom style reflects your taste and yourself. So, when customizing, follow all your guts, but never forget to keep in mind the space and measurement of your room before purchasing other luxurious bedroom features.

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