Cabbage Wellbeing Benefits

This leafy veggie may seem very simple and boring, but in fact, all sorts of cabbage can be used to prepare delicious and varied dishes. But moreover, this foodstuff is packed with all sorts of beneficial traits that most of us don’t even guess about.

Why We Should Incorporate Cabbage Into Out Eating

Unlike its tender appearance, cabbage is a rather durable veggie and it can even be preserved long-term in a frosting camera! Like this, cooking with it becomes even easier, but also, such a method of keeping saves all the beneficial properties of this leafy veg, and believe us, cabbage has lots of them.

The source of nutrients

Such a simple veggie is filled with fiber, vitamins (K, C, and B6), and various elements like potassium, magnesium, and others.

All of those are essential for different aspects of our wellbeing including energy metabolism, proper functioning of the nervous system, and protection from free radicals and cell damage.

  1. Inflammation protector

 Consuming cabbage protects us from developing chronic inflammation since this veg contains many antioxidants that prevent this process.

  1. It provides us with C vitamin

If you don’t like lemons or other citruses, cabbage can become a proper substitute since it is packed with the C vitamin.

Since this vitamin is essential for the good state of our skin and bones, muscles, and blood vessels wellbeing, receiving enough of it from foods is a must.

Moreover, this vitamin is a strong antioxidant and besides, its presence in our bodies works as a shield from different kinds of cancer.

  1. Digestion-improver

Yes, that’s right, cabbage leaves that are rich in fiber can make your stomach work like a clock! It even contributes to forming good bacteria in our guts which is another positive feature of this veggie!

Of course, for achieving such results, it is better to eat fresh cabbage leaves, for instance, in salads, but consuming them slightly cooked is also fine.

  1. It is heart-friendly

It may seem surprising but cabbage is indeed our heart’s best friend, especially its red sort! It doesn’t only normalize the blood pressure but also brings down the risks of heart health issues.

  1. Manage your cholesterol

Instead of taking pills for bringing cholesterol down, make yourself a cabbage salad. This veggie contains substances that regulate the level of cholesterol protecting our heart and general wellbeing.     

  1. It provides us with K vitamin

Cabbage is extremely filled with this vitamin containing eighty-five percent of our daily dose of it! No wonder that cabbage lovers have no problems with the blood clotting!

But apart from all these benefits, this leafy veg is extremely delicious when cooked and besides, it is effortless to prepare so that even if you are a newbie in the kitchen, you won’t have problems with making yourself a yummy cabbage dish.

Ways Of Cooking Cabbage

Let us guess: most of you more likely fry cabbage or eat it raw as a part of a salad, right? That is why people tend to think this veggie is so boring and prefer other vegs for cooking. But in fact, cabbage has many more ways of being prepared and served!

  • It can be fried in a pan
  • Oven-baked cabbage is also great only choose either more stiff sorts for that, for instance, savoy, or the brussels sort of it
  • Add it to the soups
  • Try stuffed cabbage rolls
  • Use it for hash browns
  • Eat cabbage leaves in sandwiches instead of the leafy salad
  • Prepare cabbage chips!
  • You can even roast a whole cabbage head for a feast!

This veg pairs perfectly with almost any other ingredients from meat to various veggies, pasta, and even cereals. And if you are afraid it will become dry after cooking, simply add a dollop of your favorite sauce or dressing to enhance its delicate savor.

Discover more recipes with this all-natural foodstuff, experiment and create your own ones, and enjoy this healthy and beneficial veggie in all sorts of dishes!

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