Are Dating Apps Useful For Women Over 50?

It’s quite natural for single women in their 50’s and 60’s to wonder whether they will find love again. Divorcees getting over the breakdown of a 25-year old marriage or long-term relationship may find the dating game a little bit weird.

Meeting potential partners gets harder as you get older. In the post-pandemic world, dating for over 50’s could prove to be even more difficult. Although, there’s always online dating. 

The online dating industry has completely transformed how we meet and connect with people. 

Dating websites drills down to the most likely partners gives you more options and eliminates the social awkwardness of speaking to a stranger for the first time. 

Oh yes, online dating apps are full of pomp and bravado and promise of infinite possibilities.

You don’t need to spend hours of time and untold amounts of money socialising to meet the man of your dreams; an algorithm will find him for you!

But how good are these algorithms actually?

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Online dating is increasing in popularity. According to Pew Research, the number of singles in the 50s and 60s subscribing to online dating websites has doubled in recent times. 

Moreover, the report indicates user sentiment is fairly positive. 80% of people confirmed that online dating is a good way to meet people and 62% agreed dating apps are a good way to find a better match.

Regardless of age, it’s not unusual for women to receive plenty of invitations to chat and go on dates. Many over 50s report that dating apps are great fun.

However, dating websites are not all chocolates and roses.

According to one report, “eHarmony and Match are too old and Happn is too trendy.” The same article tells the story of a woman that didn’t meet a match on Tinder after 50 dates. 

Many of the most popular dating apps are geared towards younger generations and promote a hook-up culture. Subsequently, older users are left disgruntled and discouraged by dating apps. 

For a woman over 50 that are looking for a serious relationship, it is understandable why so many users in this demographic have a negative experience.

Online Dating Advice 

The online dating landscape can feel a little weird at first, especially if you haven’t dated in decades. Users that are not comfortable with technology can also feel overwhelmed with the amount of information on onsite advertising. 

In one sense, older woman has an advantage; they know what they want from a relationship. This is a sense that you should use as your yardstick and not allow yourself to cross your own boundaries. 

Women typically receive a lot of messages through online dating websites. Most of the men will not be suitable.

When you do find a potential match, determine whether your commitments are the same. Whether your looking for a long-term relationship or a short-term fling, it’s good to know you’re n the same page.

And keep the conversation going so you can pick up on any red flags. 

Your love life does not have to stop just because you’re over 50 and single. For some women, dating websites reignite the flame that has been missing for years. 

If nothing else, experimenting with dating apps as a plus-50 divorcée is an inexpensive way of having fun.

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