INTERVIEW: Victoria Anthony

Congratulations on the release of your latest single “Sleep”. What can you tell us about the song?

“Sleep” is about living in the moment, working hard, and trying to live without regrets. The whole song represents life. The lyric “I don’t wanna sleep” represents how I don’t want to miss out on any moment and how grateful I am to experience my life. “Sleep” was very fun to write because it started with a hook melody, then we found the words to fill that in, then the rest flowed really quickly. “Sleep” stemmed from a realization I had about the finality of life. Being grateful for life itself is vital to feeling happy and fulfilled. I have learned to appreciate every feeling I have, no matter how unpleasant. Even the sad and angry feelings we have are part of the experience. “Sleep” is a metaphor all about not wanting to sleep because of how grateful and excited I am to be alive. I hope this song can remind people to be grateful and live in the moment. 

Can you tell us about the making of the video and how the concept came together?

I couldn’t do a normal music video because of Covid. I watched some animated music videos and discovered this company from Nashville, St8mnt. I loved their work and unique style. Working with them was so cool and fun. We talked over Zoom to discuss the concept a few times, and I filmed over 100 shots at my house in front of a green screen. They then animated me into an incredible dream world. The concept is of a girl, representing me, chasing her dream of becoming a singer. She is working hard and doing whatever it takes. Throughout the video, we see her achieving her dream with her face on billboards and then her performing at the end. The music video for “Sleep” is really meant to enhance the meaning of the song, which is to live in the moment, work hard, and live without regrets. This music video is very special. When I got the first cut back from St8mnt I was so stoked. I hope it leaves just as good of a first impression on everyone else, too.

Sleep is the first single from your forthcoming debut album – are the other songs on the album similar in style?

My upcoming album reflects this newfound perspective I have discovered on life: living in the moment, working hard, and trying to live without regrets. It has a variety of songs, some more dancey, some more mellow, and some portraying different emotions. Something every song has in common is its catchy melody, parts you can sing along to, but continues to pack a huge emotional and meaningful punch. 

For someone who has never heard your music before, how would you describe it?

I would describe my music as soulful pop. Music you would dance to or play in the background, yet still packs a lot of meaning. On my new album, there are songs that are more dancey, songs that are more mellow, some that make you cry, some that make you sing… something for everyone! 

You worked with some big-name producers on this album, and we hear you were very hands on when it came to the recording process. What was the experience like for you?

Working with such talented people on this album was fun because it was so collaborative. I wouldn’t put my name on the record unless it was something that I created and that reflects me. I really vibed with everyone that I worked with so things came naturally… it was such a fun process. I learned so much from everyone along the way and it was such an amazing experience to be able to work with people I respect so much.

How do you approach songwriting? What is your process? What inspires you?

I like to write about things that are real to me or things that I can truly imagine. I start with an idea, like with Sleep; it was this philosophy on life regarding taking everything in. I also begin by creating the catchy hook that people will sing along to and remember. The rest typically flows from there. I love to write about my own experiences and feelings. I find the song writing process very therapeutic and fun. It is a blast exploring different things I can do creatively.

What role does Vancouver play in your music?

This city is filled with such amazing people with such grit. I love it, it’s my home. Everyone I have met here in this industry has shown me nothing but kindness and passion for what they do.

What aspect of today’s world did you get to explore on this record and what message do you want for listeners to take away after listening?

Live now, don’t wait to do the things you’ve always wanted. If this crazy year has taught us anything, it’s that life is fragile and doesn’t last forever, so to make the most of our lives, we should take in every bit. 

What’s your #1 goal for your debut album?

My debut album is my heart and my soul. I have never worked so hard on something in my life. My goal for this album is definitely to share the music with people. I want people to listen to it and I hope it makes them feel heard. I hope I get to experience that connection between an artist and a listener. It is like a diary of what I’m thinking and who I am, but for the whole world to hear. I hope that people love it and want more music!!


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