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An American poet, Langston Hughes once said, “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.” These are golden words that perfectly emphasize the importance of dreams.

Dreaming is a blessing as it brings hope in one’s life; it motivates an individual to aim for the sky; it breathes life in a body, and it gives a purpose to live. It is a power that not many people know how to use. The ones who do are living stable lives with successful careers.

Turning dreams into reality require patience, extensive efforts, hard work, and consistency, but this is not it. Every dreamer needs a platform through which they can get a chance to succeed and fulfill their life goals. One such platform that is helping the aspiring video creators pursue their dreams is Xigua Video.

The world of videography and film production is competitive and moving towards saturation. At present, one’s skills alone are not enough to succeed in this industry. The founders of Xigua Video realized how the saturation in the market was leading to loss of brilliant ideas and true talent while killing the dreams of hundreds of aspiring video creators.

Xigua Video, which was founded in May 2016 under the name of “Toutiao Video,” officially announced in September 2016, that it would focus on encouraging gifted short video creators to kick start their journey towards becoming top-ranked professionals in the sector.

The Perfect Platform for Video Creators to Initiate their Careers

There are hundreds of talented individuals who possess the power to create impactful videos using their skills. These people grow up with this passion, only to find out that numerous others are struggling to survive in this industry. The never-ending struggle makes these passionate individuals skeptical about pursuing video making as a career.

Video content plays a crucial role in boosting the film production world as professionals from this industry can recruit new talent that can create unique content. Encouraging video creators to pursue careers in this field can help the power the dreams of many people.

Xigua Video is a video-sharing platform, much similar to YouTube. It allows movie streaming and, at present, is also working on creating original content. Professional-generated content is a major part of this platform as this platform was initially set up to promote short video creation.

The platform, based in Beijing, China, stirred hype among the video creators. These fantasy-creators could use this as a platform to start their careers. Stepping into the professional sector requires experience without which it is hard for these artists to land on a gig. The young and passionate video creators gain experience so that they could excel as professionals.

In 2017, Xigua Video launched the “3+X” monetization plan and established a 2 billion joint production fund to encourage skilled and talented people to pursue careers in this industry. To further boost the morale of these individuals, Xigua Video launched the Xigua Live Broadcast. It was a phenomenal opportunity for video creators to get a chance to acquire a vast fan following.

The platform keeps on introducing various monetization programs to encourage video makers. It recognizes the hard work these content creators put into their videos and awards the one’s that stand out. On its first anniversary, Xigua Video awarded 113 video creators who had exceeded one million fans. All this contributed to the popularity of this video streaming platform among aspiring video creators. In 2018, Xigua Video acquired the first rank on the short video APP rankings in China.

A Sneak Peek into the Present

From VLOGs to children-special videos, and from animated videos to technology, all types of video creators are welcome to show the world their skills. It also launched a documentary channel in December 2019.

The year 2020 is one where this platform is planning to boost its reach. Xigua Video paid 630 million yuan (US$91 million) for the film rights of “Lost in Russia,” the first Chinese New Year movie. It was exclusively premiered on Xigua Video, Douyin, and Toutiao for free on January 25.  On June 18, the Japanese animated film “A Whisker Away” was shown as a world premiere, and Xigua Video was one of the three platforms to broadcast it.

In collaboration with BBC Studios, Xigua Videos announced the broadcast of “Hubble: The Wonders of Space Revealed” and “Primates.” In addition to the partnership with BBC, Xigua Video has partnered with Discovery and with this documentary giant, “Man vs. Wild” and “Life After Chernobyl” have been launched on the Xigua Video documentary channel.

At present, Xigua Video provides a multitude of monetization methods such as platform sharing, content e-commerce, content payment, advertiser orders, and several others. The platform has established a prominent standing in the entertainment industry and is seen as the competitor of Netflix. It is also the recipient of the Marketing Awards for being in the Top Ten Influential Emerging Media Platforms in 2017 and Influential Culture and Entertainment Marketing Platform in 2018.

It is platforms like these that play a significant role in encouraging people to pursue their dreams. The platform is a powerful spot for video creators. Not only do they get a chance to acquire experience of video creation through Xigua Video, but they also make money out of it. Indeed, the world of film production is moving towards saturation, and the short video creation is still in need of unique concepts and powerful content. The struggle is a part of life, and sometimes escaping it is impossible. Xigua Video plays a role in reducing the struggling phase for these passionate individuals and helping them establish an identity in this industry.

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