Dr. Ali AlSaqoby: The Rising Middle-Eastern Star

Talent can be defined as the ability to progress in a certain area without much effort relative to others. However, for some, pure talent alone, is mostly not enough to have a world class achievement.

There are other factors that come into play such as a strong character that is persistent and willing to do what it takes to achieve the highest summits.

That is why Dr. Ali AlSaqoby, the young Kuwaiti dentist of many talents managed to convert his talents into achievements, that created a name for himself in Sports, Health, Social media and entrepreneurship. With these achievements comes media recognition and with recognition comes inspiration to the youth and audience. Dr. Ali is playing a huge role in social media with his large following base, at 100K just in Instagram. Taking advantage of this privilege to inspire his audience that everything can be possible. If there is self-belief, determination and hardwork.

He also proved to the world, that although working in the healthcare sector as a dentist, is extremely demanding, it is definitely possible to not only have several interests and hobbies, as a healthcare worker. But also, achieve the highest of rankings in an array of different disciplines. He created a live example of aiming high even in non-profession related paths.

He also took it an extra mile, to play an important role in developing the sports locally being appointed as the Current Freestyle president. Organizing events including official national championships has become much common now in what is seen in his social media and news.

Thanks to his efforts, the sport is continuing on to revolutionize and the youth are getting more and more motivated. His influence in social media is not only concerned with sport.

But also, as a follower for some time now, it seems that he also, gives up to date advice in how to stay safe and how to be productiveduring the global crisis. Moreover, sharing some positivity from his lifestyle of luxury gives the viewers goals to aim high and pursue their dreams.  All that whilst, keeping the body and mind healthy. His fitness home workout videos and soccer skills watched during the pandemic in his SnapChat was useful, as it has English description guide, he certainly appreciates that there are people that follows him around the world. Therefore, following him (@dr.alials) is highly recommended due to the valuable contents he is able to provide.

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