Décor Trends That Are Huge This Year

Predicting fashion trends of the future is often hit or miss. What walks down the runway as Haute couture isn’t always an appropriate design for the average person.

When it comes to home decor, though, the style experts use what’s popular today to guide us to next year’s favorite predictions. 

From the colors and materials to the furnishings you’ll love, these five decor trends are everywhere this year and destined to be a hit well into next, too.

1. Deep Green Hues 

Greens seem always to be trendy as a great way to make a masculine, feminine, or neutral atmosphere. Today’s hues have shifted from mints and pastels to greens that have blue or gray undertones. The favorites are forest and hunter greens.

Not every color is subtle but bold enough to work as a wall color, but deep green hues make perfect paint and wallpaper shades. Accent them with a complementary lighter color for any palette. 

These dark greens go well with grays and blues because of the undertone, but they’re also perfect with pinks, browns, and white.

If you’d rather not surround yourself with jades and emeralds on the wall, add this color to your bedroom instead. Change your bedding, curtains, or furniture to this relaxing but powerful color for a total room transformation.

2. Florals

In the past, florals were only for setting feminine, gentle, or calming moods. Today’s florals have some of those traits; it’s true. But you can easily find masculine, feminine, and neutral designs in vibrant colors and wild patterns.

Florals are primarily used in interior design to create a feeling of warmth and welcome. You can use your choice of pastel, bolds, and mixes to simulate an atmosphere of spring or summer nature.

Add removable wallpaper to your room, apply decals to the ceiling, or purchase a set of thematic matching prints to hang on the walls. 

If you fall in love with the floral style, you can even incorporate it into your bedroom. Comforters and bedding come in hundreds of designs, from subtle and classy to eye-popping and brightly colored.

3. Vintage

The focus on recycling and taking care of the ecosystem has made second-hand and vintage decor more popular than ever. 

Just because it’s old or used doesn’t make it vintage. It has to be from an earlier generation. Once it hits the over-one-hundred-years-old mark, it becomes antique.

Second-hand and thrift shops are popular places to find vintage decor, furniture, and home accents. 

If you’re going to get on the vintage bandwagon, though, there are a few things you need to know before you buy.

  • Vintage items need a lot of upkeep to maintain their condition, so be ready to clean them more often.
  • Even in a second-hand store, vintage does not mean the item will be cheaper. In fact, a lot of vintage furniture and decor is pricier because it’s in high-demand now.
  • Don’t expect the item to be in pristine condition. Chances are, it’s been the possession of multiple owners by the time it gets to you. If you’re happy with the overall looks and quality or think you can fix it up — go for it!

Decorating your home, or even one room, in vintage furnishing and accessories may take a long time and a lot of hunting before it’s exactly what you want. Be patient! 

Those items have been around a while. It may be tough to find the perfect look, but it will be worth it!

4. Eco-friendly Decor 

Going green is the goal for millions of people around the world, and they’re looking for ways to do this with their decor. Sustainable and organic materials are showing up everywhere. It often seems like manufacturers realize what an immense market there is for these products daily!

You can get home decor for all your rooms in plant-based designs, or look for fabric made from organic material to guide your shopping.

These products give you the benefit of knowing you’re helping the environment, but they have other advantages. Organic, sustainable materials tend to have fewer allergens and are less flammable. Even the clothing and bedding made from natural fabrics are soft and comfortable!  

When you are shopping for eco-friendly products, though, watch the labels. A company can alter just 10% of the composition of their item and still get the designation of ‘green and eco-friendly.’ Check the ingredients, not the labels.

If the company hasn’t attached a full list of everything in its product transparently on the package, you may not be getting what you think you are. Part of the composition may include synthetic materials.

Some popular organic, eco-friendly fabrics to look for when shopping are cotton, hemp, linen, and wool.

5. Bolds

Choosing bolds to decorate with requires a careful balancing act to make sure the colors don’t overpower the room. Jeweled tones are huge this year and are smooth, deep hues that match with many complementary accent shades.

Bolds are a fast way to add cheer or sophistication to any room if you do it right.

As you begin decorating with bolds, build your comfort level up by starting small. The bathroom is a fun place to mix and match colors until you find a theme you love. 

Then you can slowly bring it into the rest of your home. Think bold bedding, curtains, accent shades, and, eventually, even wallpaper and furniture!


Home decor trends are easy to track and predict, but not always what you might expect. These five decor styles have made a considerable impact on the scene of interior design and aren’t going away any time soon!

Ryan Sundling is a Group Marketing Manager at Cardinal Group Management. He has over ten years of experience in the student housing industry and works with Sakara on a daily basis to grow their online presence.

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