5 Types of Games Currently Blowing up on Mobile

The world of mobile gaming has come a long way since the simpler days of Fruit Ninja and Cut the Rope. With smartphones getting more and more powerful each year, developers are starting to step up their game by creating mobile games that can even come head to head with some PC and Console giants. It’s starting to look like the future of gaming might be on mobile, and here are some of the most popular games people are currently playing.

Real Money Games (Roulette, Poker, Slots)

Real money gaming seems to be on the rise globally. Even in India, it’s common to find people asking if you can play roulette online with rupees. The answer to this question is, yes, and you might even find it’s better online than the real deal. Online casino games have gathered a huge player base thanks to the plethora of games they offer, and amazing bonuses. So you have a jackpot on your mind, they’re the places to be.

The mass majority of these games it turns out are played on mobile, and because of the great optimization, the experience is a seamless one. If you’re looking for some tips on which casinos offer live online roulette games, you can use this helpful guide and go make the most of what these websites have to offer.

Racing Games (F1 Mobile Racing, Asphalt 9)

Racing games have been a staple of the gaming industry for ages now, and the younger audience seems to be enjoying them the most. Everyone loves the feeling of adrenaline that comes with speeding down a racetrack, and with racing games, players can get very close to that in a safe environment. While racing games on PC and consoles have had quite the success, mobile racing games are immensely popular for an interesting reason. Using the device itself as a steering wheel makes for some innovative controls and immersive gameplay.

MMORPGs (Black Desert Mobile, Talion)

MMORPGs have transformed the gaming world ever since they started making waves back in the early 2000s. Games like World of Warcraft and Runescape are among the pioneers of this industry, connecting people from all over the globe in a massive world of fantasy that offers endless possibilities. Today, similar experiences can be found on the mobile platform as well, thanks to the range of MMORPGs populating the app stores. 

These immersive adventures offer the same type of excitement of playing in an open-world game where you can interact with others to finish quests, clear boss raids, and dish it out on battlegrounds. It’s no wonder these games are so popular on mobile, they combine two of the biggest reasons the younger generation can’t live without their phones.

MOBAs (Vainglory, Arena of Valor, War Song)

It seems that there’s a pattern following online games that are popular on other platforms reaching their peak on mobile. MOBAs have been around for a while now, some even holding their place as the most popular game in the world for a long time. MOBAs pit small groups of players against each other in an arena battle and players seem to love the short but sweet 20-30 minute rounds that proceed. MOBAs require players to learn a lot about the characters they select and implement a well thought out strategy to win, so if you want to play, it’s time to put in some practice.

Online Shooters (PUBG Mobile, Shadowgun War Games)

Shooting games have always been amongst the most popular video games no matter which platform they’re played on. From classics like Call of Duty to newcomers like PUBG and Fortnite that bring the Battle Royale element into the mix, mobile users have welcomed shooter games with open arms, especially those with online multiplayer capabilities. With Battle Royale games being all the rage at the moment, it’s no surprise that the mobile alternatives for popular PC/Console titles are doing so well on both iOS and Android.

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