Types of wedding veil every bridal should know

A veil can be defined as a piece of fabric intended to cover a specific object or an individual and especially the face or head. Across the world, veils are used mostly for religious purposes and used majorly by brides to cover their face and head, during the wedding ceremony. History narrates wedding veil represents the purity of a lady as a bride and protects her happiness from evil spirits.

Types of Veil Styles / Wedding Veil Styles by Length

Finding the ideal veil to wear is one of the key decisions to be taken for giving picture-perfect wedding day look to the bride. With trending wedding veil designs varying from the face-framing 4″ to the floor-skimming 120″, makes the brides feel overwhelmed at the time of selecting one from so many stylish veil option.

1. Pouf Veil: This style remained popular during the period1950 to 1960 and even charms the modern bride with its beauty. Use of tulle or netting is attached to a hairband, headpiece or Comb to increase veil height.

2. Bird Cage Wedding Veil/Bandeau Veil/ Venetian Veil:  Being short in size and flirty in look, it covers just half the face from forehead to nose.

3. Blusher Wedding Veil/Angle Veil/ Wedge Veil: It covers the complete face till chin or mouth and fastened from the crown. At the time of taking wedding vows it is pulled back to allow the groom to see her beautiful bride’s face.

4. Visor Veil: It looks similar to the one worn by women attending events like British horse racing. It is pinned back the ears and displays embellishment like a rhinestone comb or fabric flower at one side to enhance the lady’s elegance.

5. Flyaway: Flyway is a formalshoulder-length veil with give fun elementsto overall bridal looks and allows the bride to show off her gowns back detailing

6. Shoulder Length Wedding Veil: For a fashion-forward bride it’s a preferred choice as it sits till shoulder allowing her to show-off her bridal dress detailing without losing the charisma of a traditional bride. It resembles the look of a shroud and termed as Madonna Veil also.

7. Fountain veil: This veil is fastened at the head crown and flowing down over the face till shoulder giving a fascinating fountain shape look.

8. Elbow Length Veil: This veil flows till the waistline from where the skirt begins or till elbow length. It’s elegant in appeal besides being easy to handle

9. Waist-length veils/Diana Veil: Diana Veil is a bit longer than above elbow veil with a length of approximately30″

10. Drop Veil/ Halo Veil/Circle Veil: The Tulle-cut beautiful layer of drop veil looks like falling right from the bride’s head. It can be adjusted by the bride for the perfect front length and back length as it contains no comb.

11. Juliet cap Veil: For the vintage bride this timeless classic veil emerged out as a preferred choice for brides during the 1920s and ’30s. Its elegance even appealed the modern brides and making a strong comeback in the wedding industry.

12. Mantilla Veil: This veil is positioned two inches towards the back of hairline draping across either one or both the shoulders. It’s a Spanish veil with single-layer and lace trimming.

13. Hip Length Veil: This veil is a blend of traditional veils with fingertip and waist length. Hip length Veil is almost 6 inches shorter and perfect for brides with medium heights as fingertip veils will give knee-length look to them

14. Arm length veil: Very much similar to that of fingertip veil but short length till arm wrist delivers an effortless look to the bride to give the confidence to walk the aisle with no worry with flower bouquet in hand.

15. Fingertip Wedding Veil: Fingertip length veil is one of the commonly worn veil style globally. Perfect for all body type and creates beautiful coordination with any gown styles for a flawless bridal look.

16. Knee-Length Veil: The knee-length veil besides being a beautiful option is an ideal choice for brides with a fitted gown with no train. Height between the knee and mid-calf offering freedom to move freely in the evening with no veil dragging.

17. The ballet/Waltz/Ballerina Veil: It’s a long length veil with height falling between the calf and ankle. It gives the privilege to the bride to make moves freely in her first dance at the wedding reception. It came into limelight in the 1940s

18. Floor-Length Wedding Veil: As the name suggests this veil covers the length of the bridal gown. Use of flowing fabric done to add some extra volume to the bridal look,

19. Chapel Veil/Sweep Veil: To get the effect of the train in your veil pick sweep veil. It enhances the beauty of wedding dress by complementing the delicate beading and embroidery work done on the gown

20. Cathedral Veil/Royal veil: For a perfect royal look for bride Cathedral Veil proved to be the best and termed as the mother of veils. It sweeps the floor in style and falls from headpiece from three-and-a-half yards away.


Single Tier (One Layer)

Single tier veils are one of the most basic level veils, having a single layer of fabric fastened at the comb. For Voluminous look, go for a veil with more than one layer of tulle, or pick the one having a good amount of tulle gathered at the comb

Two Tier (A veil with a blusher or two veils with different lengths)

A Two-tier veil as the name suggests designed with a second layer of other fabric that bride can drop over the face to get lifted at the time of taking wedding vows. One can avoid placing it over the face, and allow both the tiers cascade to flow down at the back to give a royal waterfall effect appearance

Three Tier (Three Layers)

Types of Veil Edge Finishes

In the Veil guide, we will share some information on each option to help you make the best decision for your bridal look. There is nothing called wrong or right in Veil selection but can be with features like length or color. Cut and pencil edges are among popular veil edge finishes perfect to go with any dress.

1. Raw Hand Cut Edge/Plain Edge

A cut edge veil matches any dress as it hides in between design. It’s utter-perfect and beautiful – and can’t go wrong! Compliments all bridal gown as it comes with no finish near the edges, displaying a simple yet delicate look.

2. Pencil Edge

A pencil edge gives a tiny yet fine definition to veil ends and is one of the “universal” edges used in wedding veils complimenting any type of gown. The edges are near to 1/16″ measurement and popular as the embroidered edge.

3. Scalloped Edge

The scalloped edge is almost the same as above and shapes into 6-8″ scallops. Gown with a scalloped lace skirt, this edge will go well with it and give shape to the cut edge veil.

4. Wired Edge

Common as pencil edge, the edge designed with flexible soft wire for making beautiful yet tumbling waves. Perfect for long veils

5. Rippled Edging

This edge creates the effect of “ripple” on the veil edge

6. Satin Ribbon Edging

Satin ribbon edging is tailor-made and carefully positioned on veil edging.

7. Satin Cord Edging

Satin cord is an artistic edging used on wedding veils measuring approximately 1/8″ wide. Also known as rattail edging.

8. Satin & Organza Edge

The satin and organza ribbon edge of 15mm has dual narrow satin lines which get separated via sheer organza section. It’s one of the most eye-catching designs appealing to the eyes.

9. Wide Organza Ribbon Edge

Very similar to horsehair layered wedding dress is Wide Organza Ribbon Edge. Delivers a subtle and delicate look to the veil.

10. Pearl Edging

The pearl edge can be described best as a flowing line of beads of strung pearl. Each pearl measures 3mm in width.

11. Rhinestone Edge Trim/ Diamantes trim

The rhinestone edge is one of the most beautiful trims designed with individual rhinestones. Such each gives spectacular sparkle to the gown edge of the veil!

12. Lace Edges

One of the common formats of the edge is lace edge in variations like Chantilly, Alencon and Guipure Lace

13. Beaded

The seed bead band is bit smaller compared to 3mm crystal band edging. Such type of beautiful edge finish turns the wedding veil styles appealing to eyes

14. Crystal Band

It’s a continuous row designed using Czech Fire Polished Crystals. Customization can be done as per request.

15. Horsehair/Crinoline

Horsehair braid is trending now in the wedding market and available in a variety of widths. Here the trim used is 100% polyester giving a pleasing edge to the veil for a graceful look of the bride.

Types of Fabrics

  1. Bridal Illusion/Tulle: A very numismatic net having tiny holes of fine tulle, with a soft texture. This fabric is commonly used for designing wedding veils
  2. Glimmer Illusion/Sparkle Illusion: Similar to Tulle but looks shiny in place of matte, and bit stiffer compared to bridal illusion.
  3. Silk Chiffon: A finely woven fabric is Chiffon and don’t have holes like nets, and is opaque. The shadowy vision of underneath garment can be seen, but not transparent. It’s not fluffy as heavier than the illusion.
  4. Polyester Chiffon: Finely woven fabric similar to silk chiffon, but made of polyester. Polyester chiffon perfect for a longer or fuller veil.
  5. Organza: Organza is a fabric just like chiffon, but stiff. Organza veils remain transparent and very smooth and light in texture creating a fluffy bridal illusion.
  6. English Net: Net fabric with holes similar to bridal illusion, but with a thick texture. It’s not fluffy, transparent or semi-transparent like a bridal illusion. English net veils can be draped beautifully, giving a similar look like Kate Middleton’s silk tulle veil at a low price.
  7. Silk Tulle: A netting fabric made using silk turning it fragile and extremely soft. Silk tulle looks beautiful in short and medium lengths. Its expensive fabric
  8. French Net: A net fabric having large holes. Excellent for birdcage veils. Bit stiff in texture and may need the use of bobby pins for tame it in shape. Perfect for retro vintage look veils.

Three different Veil widths to create different degrees of fullness at the top & sides.

  1. 54″ width: Perfect measurement for the wide veil to place behind shoulders and for showing off the gown. Excellent for gowns having decorative sleeves.
    1. 72″ width: Delivers a moderate height giving a romantic appearance compared to 54″ width. For spaghetti strap bridal attire, such width goes well covering the arms.
    1. 108″ width: Delivers a fullness to top. Perfect for a strapless wedding gown, as it gives coverage around the arms and shoulders

Tips to Choose Veils

  1. One tier can add detail and volume to bridal look with a casual hairstyle or simple wedding dress.
  2. To show off gown’s backside choose beadwork on the body of the veil.
  3. For Gown with a Long Train just make sure the veil extends past the train.
  4. For short wedding dress, pick short veil.
  5. For tea length, wedding gown go for the short veil–shoulder to elbow length
  6. To add fun features to bridal look Flyaway veils will be perfect and it shows off back detailing of an ankle-length dress.
  7. Shoulder length veils a perfect pick for formal events where it’s just customary to wear a veil but the main intention is to show off her gown.
  8. Elbow-length veil ideal for the formal or semi-formal gown.
  9. Elbow Length Veil & Waist-length goes well with gowns with no train.
  10. Picking drop veil will be an intelligent choice when the hairstyle is undecided
  11. Mantilla draped overhead and shoulders just like a scarf and have no headpiece with lace edge
  12. A fingertip length gives a timeless look and goes well with different types of wedding dresses.
  13. For fitted bridal gown having no train choose the knee-length veil
  14. Ballet/Waltz looks appealing when trimmed using lace. It remains above ankles, and ideal for petite brides and best alternative for the floor-length veil.
  15. Floor Length Veil matches well with a full-length gown with no train
  16. A chapel veil ideal for the beachside wedding if you wish the veil flowing with the wind.

Care + Maintenance

– Hang up the veil to remove wrinkles naturally. The leftover wrinkles can be removed with steam.

– Avoid ironing, it can damage the fabric or can discolor the veil.

– Always keep it hanging protected from sunlight till the wedding day.

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