2000 Network Error on Twitch

This error appears when a user is watching a live stream on Twitch. This error has made a lot of people difficult to access the normal website and prevent them from watching live streams. This error typically appears in the chat session, and it causes irritation for the majority of the people all around the world.

There are many causes and ways to fix this error, you can also learn more at ErrorCodesHero.com. It becomes difficult to guess the actual cause of these errors. This error is caused by some broken servers as Twitch.tv is an online website. Sometimes improper browser configuration can be a cause of this error.

Causes of 2000 Network Error

There might be something wrong with your browser setup if there is no issue in Twitch error 2000 servers. A major cause of this error is the presence of several browsing cookies on your system. Deleting these browser cookies can be a quick fix. Antivirus can also block all Twitch links.

Delete the browser cookies can be a solution 

This can be a quick fix to such errors. Having many cookies on your browser can be troublesome, and it is good to clear the cookies in your browser.

  1. You need to clear the browsing data in Google Chrome. For this purpose, click the three vertical dots in the top right corner of this window. Click on More tools and then click on Clear browsing data. To clean everything, you need to choose the beginning of time and choose the type of data that you want to remove. Removing cache and cookies is highly recommended.

2. To remove all cookies, tap on the three vertical dots and go to the Advanced setting.

3. Click on Content Settings and go to all the cookies that are still left even after you have deleted them. Also, delete the cookies you find there.

4. In the end, restart your computer and see if the 2000 Network Error still appears while watching a live stream on Twitch.

Making an Exception for Twitch in your antivirus can be another solution

Many people suffered this situation, and this method worked the best for such users. The Antivirus tool can sometimes block Twitch for streaming properly. So you should add an exception for Twitch in your antivirus.

There are several methods to resolve this issue. Some of the most common methods are as follows.

  1. Double click on antivirus user interface to open it. This might be present in the icons at the system tray, or you can search this in the Start menu.
  2. There will be an Exception setting that will be present in several places regarding different antivirus tools. You can easily find this setting. Here is a guideline to find this setting in the most famous antivirus tools. This guideline can help you find the setting in the most popular antivirus tools.
  1. Kaspersky Internet Security

Home>> Settings>>Additional Settings>> Threats and Extension>>Exclusions>>Specify Trusted Applications>>Add.

  1. AVG

Home>>Settings>> Components>> Web Shield>> Exceptions.

  1. Avast


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