What’s Unique about Mr. Salt Nicotine salts E-Juices

Do you want to experience top nicotine salt vape juice? If so, Mr. Salt e boasts of offering quality nicotine salt vape juice that will give you the value for your money. In fact, Mr Salt E-Liquid is a giant name in the nicotine salt group. Their products contain everything a vaper wants offering over 28 flavors to select from. The best part is that you will get to enjoy the refillable vape pod device. It will save you lot’s money and at the same time give you the best vaping experience.

Basically, nicotine salt juices have changed the vapers’ world.  This is because they come with higher levels of nicotine, not to mention that nic salt juice works greatly in vape pods and low power kits. The emergence of nicotine salt e-liquids leaves many wondering whether they are worth trying. This article has relevant information about the same to enable you to make a well-informed decision. 

What exactly are Nicotine Salts?

To understand nicotine salt e-liquid, you need to learn the difference between ‘salt’ nicotine and ‘freebase’ nicotine. Freebase nicotine is present in pharmaceutical nicotine and e-liquids. Freebase nicotine is quickly absorbed in the system. This is why cigarettes tend to be addictive since they have high amounts of freebase nicotine. The latter is considered highly effective thanks to its fast absorption rate.

 The tobacco leaf contains nicotine salts in its natural state. The manufacturers then process the nicotine salts into freebase nicotine through adding ammonia. Ammonia can remove protons plus other elements from nicotine. Besides, it increases smoke pH.

The fact that freebases nicotine has been proved to be more effective may leave you wondering why e-liquids are made using nicotine salts. However, the secret is in consuming nicotine with a lower pH but with a more significant impact.

For instance, when one is smoking a cigarette, they inhale smoke fully packed with multiple ingredients meant to make the cigar smoother. But with e-liquids, there is a remarkable difference between 6mg/ml and 24mg/ml. 

Advantages of Mr Salt Nicotine salts E-Juices

Mr Salt nicotine salt E-Juices comes laced with multiple advantages. Below is a breakdown of the benefits you should expect. They include;

Higher nicotine strength; if you are looking for a unique vaping experience, Mr. Salt E-Liquids can offer that. It comes with greater nicotine strength to meet your vaping needs.

Ideal for heavy smokers; if you are a heavy smoker, Salt-Liquids are strong enough to satisfy your nicotine needs.

Cost-effective; with the state of the economy, you wouldn’t go for products that will dig dipper into your pocket. However, with Mr. Salt, E-Liquids tend to be cost-effective due to the use of less juice.

Available in multiple flavors; with Mr. Salt E-liquids, you can enjoy a comprehensive range of flavors. 

What is the right strength for a beginner?

Mr salt nicotine salt e-liquids are available in different strengths from 25mg -50mg. For the beginners, it is advisable to start at a lower strength from 25-35 mg. But for more experienced vapers, they can cope with higher nicotine strengths.

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