The Alchemy of Being Pearl Kemistry

If you don’t yet know the name of supernova artist Pearl Kemistry, fret not; you soon will as this force of nature is on the bubble as one of the most exciting and dynamic talents to come down the pike since an R&B artist named Diana Ross picked up a microphone and transformed the music that made up the soundtrack to our lives. This musical chanteuse is the whisper of a cool summer breeze and the laughter and good times at the end of a long day. So settle back, unwind and allow us to introduce you to one of the guiding lights in the world of music as we chat about her superlative work on new classics such as Nothing Left For Me and Is It Real.

Vents: Getting the ball rolling Pearl, how have you and yours been during these historic and altogether uncertain times?

Pearl Kemistry: Uncertain times for sure. We’ve just been loving on each other, checking on each other and masking up. Not much more we can do nowadays. It’s kinda scary though with politics and the way they’re going, Covid and of course racism. 

Vents: Congratulations on your recent singles, Nothing Left For Me and Is It Real; Can you give Vents readers the genesis of these terrific songs and what they mean to you?

PK: Truth. They mean truth to me. These songs along with all of the songs I’m writing all stem from relationships; some good some not so good and some horrible. I take these experiences find a track and spill my feelings in the booth. 

Vents: You are one of the rare breed of artists: You not only are a terrific and soulful singer, but you also write your own material! Can you speak on what being a writer adds to your music? 

PK: It goes back to your last question really. With me writing I sometimes go back to how I was feeling at the time. I want my music relatable. I want it simple and relatable. He said this, I said that and this is what happened. Simple, versus the circumference of our love was like the ring around Saturn or whatever. I want folks that have been through similar experiences to be able to say, “Yeah, I know what you’re talking about there!” I write real songs. 

Vents: Does being a songwriter make it more immediate and personal for you when recording a new song? 

PK: It does. I always say music is what feelings sound like. So being a songwriter with lots of experiences to share I’m able to not have to tell someone a story and have them write me a song. I can just write!

Vents: Are there any artists who have inspired your own career trajectory?

PK: Jennifer Hudson.  When she tragically lost her family members I hurt for her so badly. But to see her singing afterwards and putting so much into her music it inspired me. I hadn’t even lost my mom yet. Then I lost my mom, Pearl and brother, Casey a few months apart. And didn’t wanna do anything. I honestly thought of JHud and was like I can do this. 

Vents: According to my notes, poetry was a big part of who you were growing up. Why the fascination early on with poetry and how closely does poetry and music go hand-in-hand?

PK: Well it really started out as journaling. Then in elementary school I learned about types of poems one year and loved it. I continued journaling but would try to make my daily stories rhyme (or not) and it progressed from there. Eventually at some point I decided to sing the poems and so on and so forth. 

Vents: How has the coronavirus affected you professionally?

PK: I just can get out and perform.  Social media makes the world small and I believe this is paramount these days for an artist. The social media responses have been great. However I am anxious to get out there and sing for the people live! 

Vents: Going forward, do you feel that the changes forced upon the entertainment industry by the pandemic will stick around in varying degrees after we secure a vaccine?

PK: My thoughts on the vaccine are sketchy. However, I believe we’re living through a shift of times. I don’t understand enough to speak on how things can go back to normal. You know, concerts and large gatherings like that. 

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