How to Improve Vocabulary for Middle Schoolers?

Are you one of those middle school students who is having trouble with your English vocabulary?

You know what?

You are not alone at this. A huge portion of middle school students is having a problem with the exact same thing.

And this problem results in their grades. This is quite obvious as using the appropriate vocabulary at the right place while writing for exams helps to raise your grade.

When hundreds of students are writing on the same topics, the thing that upholds a students’ piece of work from others is vocabulary.

The more smartly you can use your vocabulary, the better your grades become.

So, let’s look at some ways you can improve your middle school vocabulary.

7 Tips to Improve Vocabulary for a Middle Schooler

Read! Read! Read! Repeat!

Read a lot.

There is no better way to learn your vocabularies than reading.

Read anything you have nearby – textbooks, fictions, newspapers or magazines whatever you have got just read.

The more you read, the more words you are introduced with.

Believe me – reading will help you enrich your working vocabulary faster than any other method.

Time to Learn Some Latin

Yeah, you’ve read it right!

Learning Latin will not only help you impress others but also will increase your vocabulary.

While the majority of words in the English language are of Germanic descent, the most of difficult words are derived from Latin. Latin forms the root of many scientific words. Latin is widely used in legal terms. Even many of our daily terms derive from Latin.

So, start learning Latin.

Don’t Overlook Greek Either!

While most of the difficult words derive from Latin, there are still a huge number of difficult words that derive from Greek. 

Just take a look at the words like – psychology or gymnasium!

Making time in your school day to study Greek will help your vocabulary dramatically.

Carry a Dictionary

Dictionary is the biggest mine of vocabulary.

Run through the dictionary at once you encounter an unknown word. Make it a habit. Browse through the dictionary whenever you get time.

The dictionary will introduce many words to you.

The Flash Card Method

Create flashcards for all the words you run into.

It is needless to start with a huge stack. Begin with merely 1-3 words that you ran into today. And add a few more every day.

Now, the actual trick is to flip through the cards every single day. Eventually, you’ll be surprised at how large your vocabulary is!

Play Scrabble or Similar Word Games

Scrabble is another fun game to play when you’re looking to increase middle school vocabulary.

This is pretty fun, to be honest. You can play it with your friends or with anyone in your family.

Encourage the use of the dictionary or thesauruses to find words that work.

Just insist on defining any difficult word being used.

Seek Online Help

Don’t you have a gadget for you or at least one in your family?

I bet you do!

Let’s make the best use of your smartphone or pc or laptop.

There are plenty of apps and websites where you will find ways of enriching your vocabulary. Games, tests, quizzes are, in fact, very much helpful improving middle school vocabulary.

But the actual problem is the number of apps and websites regarding this is too much high. There is a chance that you will get lost finding the appropriate one for you.

So, let me help you with that.

Have you ever heard about SpellQuiz? If you haven’t, then start getting acquainted with it.

SpellQuiz will help you greatly improve your middle school vocabulary.

Here, you measure your current vocabulary level with the state-of-art vocabulary tester. The best part is that you don’t need to spend hours to figure out the vocabulary level.

It only less than ten minutes to do so.

SpellQuiz will assign you an approximate grade level. The idea is to pick your practice sessions from there like this practice for 8th grade spelling words.

Don’t stop until you have a vocabulary level close to a native English speaker. Research suggests that a native English speaker has a word collection of about 15,000 to 20,000 words.

So, you should aim for having a vocabulary of 15,000 words first. Then, you should work to push that range even further.

Why Should You Choose SpellQuiz For Your Vocabulary?

The question is why you should choose SpellQuiz for enriching your vocabulary.

Well, the answer is the process, and the structure of lessons and tests and the overall quality is just what makes SpellQuiz a way better platform. The spelling quiz style practice sessions help you increase your vocabulary and also enhance your overall proficiency in English.

Here are some features that make it different (in a better way) than others –

  • The lessons and tests are designed by the finest linguistics from USA and Canada.
  • You can identify your level of vocabulary in just ten minutes and can practice according to the level.
  • You can track your progress which helps to evaluate the overall progress.
  • Exclusive lessons to master sight words.

And a lot of other attractive features which will smoothen the way of your learning English.

Final Thoughts

There is always a competition, a healthy completion, in every school. A simple trick to stay ahead of others is making your vocabulary collection stronger than others.

It is not a mammoth task, but it’s a bit tricky.

So, with all the help provided start doing it now. Apart from the boring classes, start learning the way you feel most effective.

Soon you will become a master of English vocabulary.

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