Everything to know about sewer gas

When it comes to sewer gas, it doesn’t take a lot to cause serious health problems. It is vital to check whether there is any odd smell coming from your sewer. You must know the signs of this leakage.

The smell of sewer gas is by far the most obvious sign, but even when you can’t smell it, sewer gas can still make you sick. If you are experiencing dizziness, memory issues, irritability, headaches, and shortness of breath, nausea, coughing, nose irritation, throat issues, eye irritation and tiredness, sewer gas could be the cause.

A Plumber Can Help

If you think your home may be filled with sewer gas, don’t call a plumber. Call emergency services, and evacuate immediately.

But what if the sewer gas is a small, persistent issue that comes up through one of your drains?

Hiring a plumber can help you get to the bottom of it without too much trouble. Be sure to call a plumber who owns a video sewer inspection camera or scope to check your pipes for signs of cracks, sewer bellies, clogs, and ruptures.

All the installations of sewer lines are entirely commissioned and tested, come with personal guarantee of safety and quality and compliance certificate. You can hire an efficient team for repairs and maintenance because it provides the following services for natural gas and LPG.

  • Repair and Maintenance of gas appliances and equipment
  • Burners, valves, regulators and gas meters
  • Commissioning and testing
  • Gas piping and installation
  • Installation fuels and gas appliances including burners, stoves and heaters

Domestic Sewer repair and fitting

With the professional and reliable team of the emergency sewer offers services of the utmost quality. Customers get the guarantee that all the plumbers look after them from business to their home all the time.

For all the gas fitting needs around your residential area, you can trust the team of the Gas Emergencyfor gas sewer fitting and plumbing. They help you in the following problems.

  • Water tank installation
  • Hot water tank installations and repairs
  • Leaking showers, taps and gas leakage
  • General gas fitting repairs
  • Drainage repairs
  • Kitchen and bathroom gas fitting equipment repair and installation
  • Guttering and roofing installations and repairs
  • Checking the leakage of gas, clearing the stuff that causes poor pressure of gas, cleaning the gas equipment and many more
  • Ne cottage and house gas fitting and repairs

Commercial Services

When it comes to your commercial buildings, you need a reliable and prompt service to handle all these tasks related to gas. For the business clients, time is money they always need emergency repairs and installation. The team of the efficient gas fitters provides their services for resolving the plumbing issues. They are cost effective and always on time. You can call them for the following commercial repairs.

  • Offers preventive repairs and maintenance
  • Backflow testing and prevention
  • Poor gas pressure, gas meter issues and fittings
  • Silt arrestors, grease and trade waste

Whatever you do, don’t ignore your sewer gas leak. Sewer gas can cause too many ongoing health issues to ignore, and high concentrations can even be a fire hazard. Be safe, be smart, and when in doubt, call a plumber.

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