Top 5 podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Podcasts have taken off in a huge way and this presents unique opportunities for those who are starting, or building, entrepreneurial ventures.

Only a few decades ago, if you wanted to know how someone had built their business successfully, you would have had to wait until their biography came out.  Today, you are more than likely to hear them sharing how they have created their success on someone’s podcast.  For entrepreneurs, hearing those insights, can save you years of pain and heartache and fast track you to success.

Podcasts take many different forms.  Below you have podcasts that give daily insights in just 5 mins, to indepth interviews that last for hours.  We recommend listening to all and seeing what works for you.

So, here we have a brief introduction to the top 5 podcasts for entrepreneurs keen to succeed.

1) CallumConnects Micro-Podcast: CallumConnects Micro-Podcast is an innovative new format where only one question is asked by host. This new podcast breaks new ground asking everyday entrepreneurs around the world to answer just one question. How did they overcome a hurdle in their entrepreneurial journey?
The key to this is they only have 5 minutes to explain the hurdle, how they overcame it and what lessons they learnt. This makes it a brilliant dose of daily inspiration for entrepreneurs facing challenges.

2) The Tim Ferriss Show: Tim Ferriss Show is another famous business podcast that creates brilliant audio series of different entrepreneurs. It was selected as the ‘best of Apple’ podcasts for three running years and currently it has surpassed 50M downloads. It deconstructs world class performers from many areas like sports, business, investing in order to extract core tactics, tools and routines. Overall, it recommends the best suggestions to the audience that successful businessmen give in a small and to the point episode.

3) The GaryVee Audio Experience: The GaryVee Audio Experience is another well-known podcast arena where you find a mix of various services. These range from episodes, keynote speeches on marketing and business, to new and current thoughts with audio experience. Furthermore, it is hosted by various hosted by entrepreneur, a CEO, an investor, vlogger, and public speaker Gary Vaynerchuk. But it has no time limit of their recordings that can vary.

4) Fire Nation: Fire nation is a popular podcast platform and another one offering daily podcasts. Its mission statement is to deliver the inspiration and strategies that one need to arise in one’s entrepreneurial journey and to develop a life you have always dreamed of. It has conducted more than 2000 incredible interviews of entrepreneurs and has achieved huge fame as one of the valuable podcasting platforms.

5) NPR Podcast Directory: NPR is also among the top 5 podcasting series. Basically, it offers a wide variety of shows and podcasts ranging from news and conversations to storytelling and humours. It keeps sharing inspiration stories, news updates and successful journeys of entrepreneurs. Overall, it is a brilliant podcasting platform.

Listen to them all and find out which ones work for you.  Obviously different guests will provide different insights, but there is no excuse now.  You can learn from the best, at your own time and whenever suits you.

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