A lot of parents have been concerned regarding the academics of their children. Since the children are at home now, it is important to make an environment that helps the children in learning. For making such an environment, both the parents and the children have to make some effort. The parents should look for spaces their child has access to which will affect their child’s development and learning. Here are a few tips to create a learning environment at home:


For creating a learning environment, it is important to look into the ergonomics as well. An uncomfortable chair that causes the child to hang his legs and lower his back will cause him discomfort. Parents must make sure that the chair and table are according to the child’s height. If your child is comfortable in floor sitting, arrange some comfortable cushions along with a study table. In this way, your child will not get tired. Also, the lighting must be good enough not affecting the child’s eyesight.


We know how hard it is to ignore the noise of television if it is being played around. Parents must make sure that there are no distractions around the child. Make setting in such a room which is away from distractions. Put away the tablet/mobile phone by your child’s side, unless he is using it for studying. Also, make sure they have all the equipment, books and, stationery by their side once they start studying so they do not make an excuse and wander off. You can also search for home tutor in Karachi who will give proper attention to your child. Even if you have pets, try to keep them away from the study room. Remember, silence makes the child think and brainstorm effectively.


Create a time table for your child and allot time for tasks. In this way, he will be able to complete tasks in a given time and will become organized and punctual. The time table will help him give equal attention to each subject. Place a clock by your child’s side so he can san see how much time to spend on each task. You can also paste posters on the wall as well to help him learn. Make the visuals more appealing by using highlighters, stickers, different colors, etc. A child learns more quickly when he looks at things repeatedly.

5 Effective Ways to Reward Students


Once you set tasks for your child, try to create a habit to reward him after he completes the task. This act will encourage him to do the tasks more effectively. You can paste a free printable reward chart on the wall where your child can earn stickers and/or treats for each task they complete. This can be helpful in getting your child into a learning headspace.

An appropriate, comfortable, hassle-free home learning environment encourages children to focus on their studies, have positive attitudes to learning, to be curious, and to have confidence in themselves. If you work on these tips, it will surely benefit your child and he will be able to produce good results.

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