How to Bypass Instagram Private Profiles

Instagram has, without a doubt, revolutionized the power of sharing photos and videos with a massive audience across the world. While the platform encourages public sharing, it also allows the user to have a private account. Public accounts allow users to interact with your content which increases engagement. But if you prefer going private, go for it. There are many Instagram services that can compensate for the eventual loss of likes and followers. So if you want to increase your Instagram following, click the previous link. Visit to see the amazing deals at low prices and start purchasing for as low as $2.

What happens when you want to view an account hidden from the public by the user? Well, you might think it’s an impossibility. With a few tricks, the process is quick and easy to learn and implement.

Why You May Want to View a Private Profile

Imagine a situation where you just met someone and trying to know them, but then you are afraid of digging into too much of their personal life. But then you realize they have an Instagram account.

When you thought you had found a perfect place to learn more about them, you realize their account is private and isn’t available for public viewing. Under such circumstances, here is what to;

Please Send Them to Follow Request

Well, one of the simplest and the most legitimate ways of viewing a private profile is requesting the owner of the pattern. Whether they know you or not does not matter, some people will not mind allowing strangers to view their profiles.

Asking Tips

Ask nicely – if this is someone you know; it will not take long before they approve your profile. Once the person accepts your request, you should be able to view their photos, videos and other Instagram stories.

Patience – After sending your request, give them time to approve your application. Some will take a longer time than expected, but they will eventually accept the follow request knowingly or unknowingly.

Drop a line – Some people have strict policies of not approving follow requests from people they are not familiar with. In this case, contact them through a direct message and express your intentions. Here, you have to be as genuine as possible.

Send them reminders – If they are people you have ever met but are hesitant about knowing you, remind them where you met or an occasion that brought the two of you together.

Be as friendly as possible – Once you catch their attention vie a direct message, tell them who you are and encourage them to visit your profile. Put something interesting in your profile that will compel the person to want to follow you.

Contact them using other channels – Some people have tons and tons of messages on their inbox and find it tedious to go through each of them. Another way of catching their attention is by contacting them from other platforms.

Search Their Usernames

While you might not get too far with this, it is one way of viewing private profiles. Here is how to do it.

Once you are in search of the person you are interested in. Even if their profile is private, you can still find them.

Once you find their names, go to google search and paste their names on the search box. Chance are that the person you are looking for left something useful in the digital space before they switched private.

It is most likely that they have private information from unprotected platforms like Facebook. Use such platforms to extract information about the person you are interested in.

Come with A Fake Account

If the ways mentioned above do not work, hope is not lost. You can still go ahead and create a fake Instagram account.

Well, you must realize that this platform does not support such a practice. With a fake account, the chances of bypassing the visibility or privacy settings of Instagram are high.

Here Is the Procedure;

Make your profile attractive and use decent photos. I would recommend that you use a female persona.

Once the account is ready, upload images that reflect women’s interest. Make use of the female influencers to know what is trending in the women’s world.

To create some curiosity among your targets, set your account as private. Once you are ready, send a follow request to the person or people you wish to view their profiles.

If they don’t respond to your follow request, send them a direct message and explain your intentions to them. Chances are they will ascent your request.

Make Use of Instagram Profile Viewer Tools

If you find the following procedures difficult, there are websites out there that can make your work easier. However, be careful since some of these accounts could be used to extort money from the unsuspecting public.

Some of these sites could be harboring viruses or malware to your system. Some of the credible sites to watch out for are Insta Private Viewer, WatchInsta, Private Viewer, sharemyinsights and many others. 

Here is how they operate;

  • You will require to provide your Instagram username
  • They will want to know whether you are interested in just viewing or downloading the images of your target
  • You will need to provide some other personal information
  • Finally, they will take you directly to the private Instagram account you wish to view


With that said, you should realize that Instagram does not allow third-party apps to obtain personal data of its users. Therefore, use them at your own risk. While these apps are efficient and comfortable, we recommend you convince the person you are interested in avoiding any trouble. 

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