How Much Does It Cost To Buy Domain With Shopify

If you have decided to start a Shopify store, then there is no doubt that you have made a good decision. You now need to buy domain name for your online store. While you can get a domain from any source, it makes sense to buy it from Shopify. We look at how much it would cost to get a domain from Shopify.

Shopify Domain Cost

You can get a domain for a free service provider but they have many disadvantages. Having your own domain is worth it. Since your store is on Shopify, it makes sense to buy domain name from Shopify. When you search for domain names on Shopify, you will see the list of available domains and their price. You can get a domain from Shopify at $14 per year, which is their lowest price.

Shopify does say that the lowest price is $11. However, this may not be available in practice. You can try variations on the domain name to search and look for a domain name that is available at a lesser price. In most cases, it is difficult to get a domain at $11 unless you add and mix keywords to the name. Even if you get such a domain name, it may be so complicated that branding it could be an issue.

Getting A Domain From Others

If you buy domain name from other domain registrars, you may be able to get it a lesser price. You can get a domain for under $9 from some of the other registrars. There are many such domain registrars who offer registrations at lower prices. You need to search online and compare prices from different registrars, so you can get the best price.

In case you are price conscious and want to save some money you can do so by buying from any other registrar. If you do that you can still connect the domain to Shopify easily.

Custom Domain Setup

Once you buy your domain from any other domain registrar, you need to connect it to Shopify. This is a simple procedure and the following explains how to do it:

 Modify Shopify Settings

  • Login to Shopify. Select the Admin option and then choose Online Store –> Domains.
  • Look for the option Connect existing domains and select this option.
  • Now you can type the name of the domain that you have purchased from some other registrar. (eg:
  • Click on Next and you have successfully modified your Shopify settings to include your new domain.

Change DNS settings

You have now changed the settings in Shopify to include your domain. The next step is for you to change the settings in your domain to redirect it to the Shopify store. Let’s see how to do it:

  • You need to change the DNS settings for this. Your domain registrar would have given you access to your domain through a dashboard, login to it and select the domain.
  • Choose the option Edit settings to make changes.
  • First you need to change the A record to change the IP address of your store to Shopify. This is important so that when someone types your website address, the DNS server will redirect them to Shopify. You need to type the Shopify IP address, which is
  • Once you do this, you have to change the C Name. Look for this option and edit the setting and change it to

Verify the changes

Now you have changed the settings at your domain and in your Shopify account. You need to now verify the connection to check if it is working. Here is how you can do it:

  • Login to Shopify. Select the Admin option and then Online Store and Domains.
  • Look for the option Verify connection. Select it.
  • This option is given for those who have a custom domain to check if the changes are done correctly. Shopify will check your website and in case of any problem show an error message. If there are no errors then it means the verification is done and you are good to do.


Getting a domain from Shopify is easy and less cumbersome. You don’t need to make any settings changes, however you need to pay a few more dollars. If you are concerned about this price and want to save money, you can buy the domain from any other registrar and easily connect it to Shopify.

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