New Players Challenging Online Movie Streaming Space

The online movie streaming space is becoming increasingly populated with new names, and while Netflix, and its 130 million subscribers, remains the top site for movies, there is still room for new players!

Right now, if we discount Youtube which isn’t a through and through movies streaming website, HBO and Netflix are the market leaders with 50 million and 130 million subscribers respectively. However, we are seeing a rise in popularity from sites such as PopcornFlix and Sony Crackle.

Here is a list of just some of the new kids on the block:

  •  The Internet Archive
  • Sony Crackle
  • Legal Torrent Sites
  • PopcornFlix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hotstar
  • MoviesFoundOnline
  • Vimeo

Many of these sites offer multi-language movies with subtitles depending on your region but are mainly aimed at English speaking markets. Some are free while others you may have to pay a small subscription fee to stream, download, or improve the quality of your stream.

The Internet Archive

In the number one spot is ‘The Internet Archive’ and this is because this website has seen an immense rise in traffic. Most people know this website for its excellent resource of links that would lead you to places where you can find and watch your favourite movie no matter how long ago it was released. Its popularity even then was immense and so the owners decided to take things one step further.

Now one of Netflix and HBO’s most notorious up and coming rivals, ‘The Internet Archive’ offers free movie downloads. Not only can you get movies on this site, but there are also tons of book and movie downloads helping it to attract a wider user base looking for a website that provides an all-around source of entertainment.

Crackle by Sony

Sony has been hoping to make its mark within the movie industry as the firm continues to diversify the products and goods it has to offer. Long known for its excellent TVs throughout the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s, Sony has been facing stiff competition from competitors such as Samsung, Sharp, and Toshiba. As such, the firm has been sniffing around new markets and the online movie streaming arena caught their eye.

Its Crackle website is a hotpot for top movies all available to stream free of charge. The reason so many people are attracted to the Crackle site is that it offers a ton of movies as well as TV shows that you would need to pay to watch on sites like Amazon Prime or pay for a subscription on Netflix.

One of the ways Sony has added its Crackle streaming site as a revenue stream is by opening up its app for adverts. If you are ok with waiting for a few short ads to run in exchange for a free place to stream movies, then this is another good source of movies.

Legal Torrent Sites

The word torrent always has an air of illegality about it. However, the ‘Legal Torrents Sites’ website is perfectly legal, and this website is accessible globally. Some people report their ISP is not happy with the use of a torrent service, despite the fact this service is free, so you may need to download a VPN just to safeguard yourself.


Screen Media Ventures has come under fire quite a few times as the legitimacy of the website, or even how it took its path to become a law-abiding movie streaming website has been the subject of many myths across the World Wide Web. Nonetheless, whatever you may have heard about PopcornFlix, this site is legit and offers movies faster than most of its competition.

For those that do not have cable and love National Geographic, PopcornFlix has the full package of on-demand shows. The site is also popular because of its huge list of categories ranging from drama, action, and horror series and movies to comedy and kids.

Out of all the movie streaming websites here, PopcornFlix looks to be making the most ground and could be the next HBO or Netflix. If you were ever looking for an investment, then if this firm decides to float on the stock market and drive itself into the online streaming industry as a major player, it could be a great investment.


We did not cover Amazon Prime which is yet another major distributor in online movies and there are plenty of other legal movie streaming websites out there. Instead of going over old ground and giving you the lowdown on Netflix, HBO, and Amazon the idea was to just use those sites as a comparison to the new movie download and streaming sites that are building a brand name for themselves on the World Wide Web.

From this report, the aim was to hopefully help you find some great alternatives to simply sticking to one website for all your entertainment!

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