Netflix Rises to The Top with Continuous Early movie Releases

It is hard not to notice how Netflix is improving its movie catalogue with new releases like Bad Boys 3 hitting the movie giant’s website as quickly as DVD shops are putting the same movie on their shelves for sale. One thing is for sure, the movie giant has upped its game in 2020 and the timing really couldn’t be better.

Right now, Netflix is floated on the Nasdaq and its shares are outperforming the competition. This reminds me of business class lessons when the perfect example of a successful company is one that can still rise to stardom in the face of recession. In Netflix’s case the firm has risen in the face of not a single nation’s retracting economy due to recent events, but the firm has risen in the face of a global recession.

In just the space of just 3 months Netflix shares increased by 84%. That is an astounding number that beats Google’s growth rate over the same period of time and is very close to another high performer which is AMD.

Now we can certainly attribute the rise in stock prices to the rise in Netflix subscriptions which comes as a result of people having to stay inside for 8 weeks. It makes sense that Netflix would suddenly become so popular because people are not spending money going out, and so they are buying a Netflix subscription. It could be that over the next few months Netflix shares will suddenly drop.

However, let’s just take a look at some facts that make this company one of the all-time greats, and why Netflix is not likely to go anywhere now it has a firm foothold in what is a growing global market.

  • Available in 190 countries
  • Smartphone and tablet apps
  •  73 million subscribers outside the USA
  • 57 million subscribers in the USA
  •  Has only been operation for 10 years
  •  Multi-lingual catalogue
  • Country-specific content
  •  Regional-specific content

Moreover, Netflix now makes its own documentaries and series. The firm has regional managers and country specific managers dealing with local authorities, law enforcers, and film companies to gather the best talent to create movies, series, and documentaries.

Here are some great shows. If you are in a different country than the US then you might need to use a VPN to access some of these.

Narcos – A Netflix Original

The series that covered the much coveted Pablo Escobar and the Medellín Cartel was immensely popular not just in South America where most of the movie is in Spanish (the region’s native language) but it was a global sensation. Even Rotten Tomatoes gave it an 89% rating is pretty good by their standards while the series IMDb rating was 8.8 out of 10!

The production went on to produce Narcos series 2 to finalise the Pablo Escobar era, then followed on through the Cali Cartel dramatising the capture of the Rodríguez brother and co.

Once series 3 of over people demanded more and we got more when the spinoff Narcos Mexico was released that told the story of ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán, Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, and Kiki Camarena.

This is a perfect example of how the Netflix ‘local teams’ have worked with regional film companies to bring the best actors from the area to the big screen!

More Popular Netflix Series

The success of Narcos is the extreme of what Netflix has managed to accomplish. There are still plenty of other entertaining series that have also become globally popular but not on the scale of Narcos. That said, many of these series required Netflix’s excellent set up and local connections to make the series realistic by using local actors.

Here are some of Netflix’s most popular drama series:

  • Dark – IMDb 8.8
  • White Lines – IMDb 8.6
  • Unsolved Mysteries – IMDb 8.3
  • The Twelve – IMDb 8.1
  • Can You Hear Me?  – IMDb 8.0

Netflix Original Movies

Netflix is not only out there making series under its Netflix Original brand but it also has a full movie team bringing movies to Netflix subscribers. This is something that Universal and 20th Century Fox have been doing for years, while Netflix started out less than a decade ago and is already releasing top IMDb movie titles.

 Here are some of Netflix’s most popular movies:

  • Klaus  – IMDb 8.2
  • Disclosure  – IMDb 8.1
  • Nobel  – IMDb 8.1
  • Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile  – IMDb 8.0
  • Marriage Story  – IMDb 7.9
  • The Irishman  – IMDb 7.8
  • ROMA – IMDb 7.7
  • The Two Popes  – IMDb 7.6

Netflix Versus HBO

Narcos was also the perfect answer to Game of Thrones released by their competitors HBO who are renowned for a plethora of globally popular series including The Wire. When Game of Thrones rushed it ending disappointing thousands of fans, Narcos was already in motion and we got our justice by seeing the evil narco traffickers come to an abrupt end in the most dramatic but also satisfying way the show could have possibly ended each series.

On the other hand, HBO kicked themselves in the butt with their fast ending Game of Thrones final series where characters built up to what we all believed would do special things ended up amounting to nothing but fluff. It kind of put a lot of people off HBO because who knows how they will wind down the next globally popular series that could mean hours of watching only to have an ending that leaves a bitter taste in our mouths.

Right now HBO is way behind Netflix as it is only available in 50 countries and boasts just 35 million subscribers compared to Netflix’s huge 130 million subscriber base.

For now, the king of online movie streaming is unanimously Netflix. The movie streaming site is now releasing movies from cinema to its site faster than ever before, so we are unlikely to see people suddenly unsubscribe once they see the benefits of being a Netflix member. And as far as the competition is concerned, it’s not even close to netflix right now so it looks like Netflix will remain a dominant force!

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