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Porn giant Mindgeek has targeted yet another porn site and hosting site again as both sites are chasing hundreds of millions of dollars. The lawsuit claims that encouraging users to earn higher posting limits comes with a financial reward. MindGeek said in the lawsuit that the system for monetizing violations on YesPornPlease may not be clear to the general observer. MG Premium’s complaint stated that YesPornPlease is a pirated site, offering adult entertainment content that is copyrighted without permission or license.

YesPornPlease is a porn site that has at least 100 million users disappeared per month after a complaint was posted by MG Premium, a subsidiary of Mindgeek. A summon has filed under the MG Premium Digital Millennium Copyright Act in the year 2019 in September against the porn site and the hosting site VShare.io. The summon requires security and the DDoS platform Cloudflare assignment key information of both the sites, including information such as the names of website operators, physical addresses, IP addresses, phone numbers, history of users, along with date of publication, etc.

MG Premium has now filed a full lawsuit in Washington court, stating that the behavior leading to this claim is terrible and thoughtful. The Respondents own and run the websites devoted to the copying and distribution of infringing audiovisual works.  The defendants are directly involved and are known to smuggle tens of thousands of pirated businesses under the pretext of acting as distributors of content generated by the users. Additionally, although the defendants are not service providers, they are not involved in the storage of the content under the supervision of users and are therefore not entitled to any of the guarantees provided under Article 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The porn giant claims that YesPornPlease violated more than 3,000 of its owned works while providing full details in a full 233-page complaint amid the duration of around three years i.e. July 2017 and January 2020. It is also worth remembering that MindGeeks Premium does not reference the DMCA summon submitted by it earlier, which means that so far it has not been able to extract any broker details from the site. So far, MG Premium is only aware that YesPornPlease is hosted by a Russian company, without any other information about the identities of the operators as well as their location. In general, third parties who upload counterfeit content to sites like YouTube are immune from the provisions of US security law. However, MG Premium claims that YesPornPlease cannot meet the requirements for such judgments.

The YesPornPlease website does not meet the prerequisites to qualify for the DMCA Safe Harbor provisions. MG Premium specifically said YesPornPlease does not have a specific DMCA registered agent. So, if you are also the one frustrated and annoyed with the cancel culture and censorship, subscribe to Reclaim The Net and get rid of this annoying cancel culture and censorship.

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