How to remove ticks from my dog?

Ticks are the most common problem associated with the dogs, and the dogs, as well as dog owners, want to get rid of ticks as soon as possible. Ticks can be removed using tick removing tools such as tweezers. Tweezers are an excellent tick removing tools, but the dog owners may find tweezers difficult to use. Tweezers are a source of injecting diseases into your dog. While using tweezers, the tick’s body may get separated, but the head of the tick always remains attached to your dog, which is the worst situation. Tweezers are also a risk of various infections. Care of my dog is the best gift I can give to my dog, and removing its ticks is one of the essential steps towards the care of my dog.

Some dog owners are still not ready to use stick removing tools from the dogs. Some of the other ways to remove the tick without tweezers are as follows. 

  1. Removing ticks using vaseline

Vaseline is a great way to remove ticks from the dogs. In this method, you cover the whole tick with vaseline. Ticks are considered to breathe through their skin, thus covering the tick with vaseline can make them suffocate. This procedure is useful, but it may take some time. Eventually, the ticks die, and they remove themselves from the dog’s skin. This procedure is not 100% guaranteed, but you should give a try to this procedure at least once to see if the results are in your favor or not.

  1. Removing ticks using olive oil

Olive oil can help to get rid of the tick. You need to put olive oil on a cotton ball. Place the cotton ball on the tick. Wait for some time until the tick removes itself from the dog’s skin. This method is effective, and the results can be shown in almost 10 to 15 minutes. This method is a good alternative to the removal of ticks using tweezers, and the majority of the dog owners adopt this method of removing ticks from the dog’s skin.

Symptoms if there are ticks on your dog

1-Continuous head shaking

Sometimes the ticks come to get into the dog’s head or ears, causing continuous trouble for the dogs. So if the dogs have consistent head-shaking, it might be a symbol that the dog has ticks on his skin. 

2-Scabs on the dog

When there are ticks on your dog, the dog may look like a scab. You need to check whether there are ticks on its skin or not.

3-You may find a tick around your house

Sometimes the ticks get off the dog’s skin and fall around the house. You may find a tick around your house, and this is a symbol that the dog has ticks on its skin.

The bottom line

These are a few symptoms and ways to remove ticks from the skin of your body. You can sue the method that suits the most to remove ticks from the skin of your dog.

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